Dear Diary,

July 8, at 4:13 pm.

Hi Everyone 🙂

Last night I was doing a personal study on desire and these two verses really struck a cord with me:

Psalm 145: 16 and Isaiah 26: 8-9.

Both of them speak about what happens when you combined your desire with God.

This is what I got out of Psalm 145: 16,

God will open his hands (that hold the world) and give you your desires! (God knows what you want! God knows whats best for you! You don’t!)

And this is what I got from Isaiah 26: 8-9, I think you’ll find this to be rather powerful,

God even when you scold me for my sins I will wait for you to tell me what to do. My desire, my only desire is you, God and to know you better! I will desire to dream of you at night and I will seek you out early in the morning. So in your scolding I can learn righteousness!


2 thoughts on “Desire

  1. wow…. That is all I can say…. WOW. 🙂 Anyway, yes that was very powerful. Yesterday I was reading Isaiah and you know that part in chapter one that we read in storm about not really meaning all the rituals that we do? Well I read that part again and underlined it in my bible because it really struck a cord. Ya know? Anyway, I love Isaiah. He has so many awesome tidbits in there. 🙂 Miss ya….

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