It’s not mine…

Lately I’ve been going though daily cycles of being excited and then sad and then worried about my future.

I should be  a nurse! I shouldn’t!

I should be a doctor! I shouldn’t!

I should… I shouldn’t… I should…

I’ve just decided that since God says I can be whatever I want and that my theme is compassion I’m just going to stop trying to figure out what job I should have and what would be best!

I don’t need to know yet!

I have plenty of time!

So I’m just going to be compassionate and continue my hobbies and interests and just leave it be!

When I graduate highschool I will sit and prayerfully consider my path and then just take it without anymore thought! I will refuse to do research that will just discourage me!

I will take the path I’m lead to!!

I’m going to change alot before then anyway.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll think anything medical is gross!

But then again probably not 😉



4 thoughts on “It’s not mine…

  1. That is correct. You are still young and your life, interests and opinions will undoubtedly change several times before you think or know what you would like to do. I think that is true for almost everyone. A thing to remember, is that God may be magical, but life is ultimately what you make it. Life will happen regardless, but if you want something, you have to plan for it. Very rarely do awesome opportunities present themselves to you simply because they can. Be sure to prepare yourself for multiple opportunities. Learn everything that you can because knowledge is power. Even once you know what you want to do, I believe it is still best to be well versed in array of other interests because if you over-specialize, you breed in weakness.

    And if you for whatever reason you decide to be an English major, talk to me first!

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