Crazy Day but excited for tomarrow.

Dear Diary,

July 14, 5:35 pm.

Today my little sister Helena had a normal old doctors appointment (and I got to go watch! Yay!)

When we got there the lady at the desk was very nice and even laughed when she accidentally gave us the forum in Spanish. 🙂

We were called into the room by the Nurse that was going to start us off. She was very good with Helena and was funny too! Not to mention she wore pink converse! I quiet liked her lol.

While we changed Helena into her “paper towel dress” (The throw away cover up) I didn’t know what to expect from the doctor whose name is Cathrine.

Would I like her? Would I think she was a good doctor? (She’s my doctor too so I better think she’s a good doctor! lol!) Would I think her to serious or to light? To disconnected or to close to her patients?

When she walked into the room and started talking and even laughing with us! It turns out I like her, think she’s a good doctor and serious when she doing the work part but light when she’s talking, and perfectly in between in the other. She is pretty awsome! 🙂

Helena’s check up came out perfectly normal and we walked away with alot of information about vaccines 🙂 and information about dentists and a refurral to an eye doctor (just to see if she needs glasses).

Afterwards us girls went to Mc Donalds  to grab a bite to eat. After we got our food we (me Helena and Seleah) soon after I stopped to eat I heard Helena crying really hard!

Turns out she busted her lip while running away from Seleah during tag. She was bleeding pretty bad and the gash was pretty deep. So after the manger came (which was really quickly) we headed to the quick care center nearby.

They didnt have the right things to stich her up so we had to go to the hospital in Belen! (Which wasn’t very close by) and waited for ages just for them to tell us that she didn’t need stiches after all!

After all that we were all tried and went back to Mc Donalds so we could actually eat! The manger bought us ice cream and a salad and helped my mom fill out the report.

Now I am extremely tired and no longer hunger lol!

But even though today was crazy tomorrow I finally get to hang out with my bestie just the two of us!! So I may be tired and (kinda) bored right now but I’m excited for tomorrow! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Crazy Day but excited for tomarrow.

    1. yes it was a very eventful day lol and yes she is so much better now minus the slighty red and slighty white mark on her lip where she’s healing up it’s like it never happened 🙂

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