Hiya :)

Hi guys I thought I’d open up my “Lets Chat” section! (I can’t think of much else to do today lol :))

The topic today is Babies! Tell me anything you want about Babies! If you like or dislike them (How could you dislike a baby???) A cute story that happened recently! Or even just something random about the life of a baby!

Lol this should be fun XD


4 thoughts on “Hiya :)

  1. Babies, unless furry, and four legged, get a thumbs down from me, but I doubt that is a huge surprise to you. Not that I didn’t love you when you or your siblings were babies, I just don’t really want any of my own. I want to explore the world and be spontaneous. Babies make that a bit more difficult. I am not opposed to adopting at some point, though. However, with that said, opinions, life and goals change. As I get older, I think more of babies, but then I see friends and how different their lives have become., and then I remember why I was opposed to the idea in the first place. It’s not that their lives are bad or wrong or anything. It’s just a life I don’t want at this stage in mine. When I decided that I’ve traveled enough and had more than my share of spontaneous adventures, then maybe I will toss the anchor overboard and think more of babies. Until then, Meili is more than enough for the both of us.

    I took a class in high school where I had to take care of a “baby” for a week. I set him in a car seat like thing next to my bed, on a table, under a touch sensitive light, while sleeping. During the night, my evil cat touched it with her nose and turned it on. The seat’s fabric burned, but the baby survived. I had a fun time explaining that one to my teacher.

    1. Haha! Yes that is not much of a surprise! And I agree Meili is enough for now haha that dog is crazy! That’s a very funny story! I borrowed two of those babies from my friend Katie because she said I wouldnt be able to stand a whole week with both of them (they were twins lol) and I was like I bet I can do a month! And so she gave them to me and I did! She says I did good 🙂 lol

  2. Just to let you know, but ipads do not let me comment on blogs. It is most unfortunate, however my story is: Just like two days ago I am playing with my cousin’s son. He grabs my cheeck and then puts his other hand behind my head, then kisses me. He was much much to forward in my opinion :p (this is only the most recent of my fun adventures with babies.)

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