Christmas was full of it’s Joyous Magic and fills me with a resounding word:

“Love, Love, Love”

This morning around four I woke from an awful, nearly tear causing nightmare. Death of a dearly loved sister right before my eyes then my father letting  his arm and half his face become disturbingly mutlated in return for her life…


 all because I didnt notice something small, but important. That has always been a fear of mine. Something terrible happening all because of me!

When I woke I gasped and tried desperately to swallow the lump in my throat.

Although I was devestated I imeaditily felt that my heart was being held safe in a warm embrace. I felt in my soul, “I am with you now and always. I am your Savior. I will NOT allow my people – your family – to fall!”


Although it wasnt instant I was calmed and slept again.

When I woke by the hand of my extremely excited brother, Ethan,  at six fifty nine, I was warmed by the smiles of antisapation on my siblings faces as well as the sweet “morning hug” I recieved from my little brother, Seth.


To wake my parents we sung “Jingle Bells” to them. I loved seeing them wake up with smiles on their faces. Since we had to wait on my baby brother because my mom didnt want to wake him yet all us kids made breakfast for everyone with tea to go with it.

While us kids were enjoying our breakfast my parents came out singing “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”. We all joined in.

Again I feel, “Love, Love”.

We then busted out the stockings and presents. We got all that on camra.

It was so sweet to see us all take turns wearing the “Santa Hat” and passing gifts to eachother. Every expression so very Priceless.

“Love, Love”.

Although later on I stressed about the dinner “party” we were having and how my dish wasnt finished and then later on how it was kind of burned everyone was so understanding and kind that I got over it quickly.


We went out and sung carols to family and exchanged treats.


For some its the presents, or the lights, or the sweets, or having the perfect tree. All great reasons to celebrate, but for me, right now, its all about Jesus and how He made us capable of this, wild, crazy, inconvient thing we call “Love”, and how everytime we love we feel his warm, fuzzy, ecouraging hug.

“Christ the Savior is born and lives!”

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was so great and you felt loved and loved others.

Deanna. 🙂


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