So here comes the New Year. Are you ready? Or an even better question: can you ever be ready for the future if it never really gets here? Your whole life being a journey every time you make it to the part of the future you’ve been waiting for its right now and no longer the future, right? Lol! Dont worry I dont plan on going theological on you 🙂

2011 has been a super great year and so much has changed! I’ve learned so much! Met so many more people and had so many knew thoughts and plans!

In many of my previous posts I was worried about what I was meant to do in my life’s journey.. I now know at least parts of it! As I said my God- given theme (or forever – 24-7 – job) is compassion. Lately I havent been doing to well, but Im improving everyday! 🙂 I prayed alot about where Im supposed to go after highschool and started feeling like I should go to UNM to get a bachelors degree in biology, from there I can take any medical career I’m lead to. I was very much calmed by that, but still kept praying. Then after a while I felt really moved towards India. I’ve always been moved to help people in other countries, especially India and Africa. So when I felt from God that I was meant to give medical and spiritual attention to people in India I was excited and very scared! Since I live in such a big family and am homeschooled, being so far from everything I know is really scarey for me! Im trusting God in this and feel less and less afraid everytime I think about it. I still wasnt sure what kind of doctor I was meant to be so I still kept praying. And the more I prayed the more the peices fell into place!

Im meant to go to UNM and get a bachelors degree in Biology, then go to the Baylor medical college to become a pediatritian and then after two years of practicing wherever God tells me to in America (likely wherever my family is) I will move to India for three whole years! After that Im not sure. I feel that when I leave for India I will not be married but will be going by myself. But I also feel that I may have a boyfriend back home, which seems like a weird thought for me, but at the same time rather romantic ❤ haa. God knows me so perfectly and while I write this I feel so blissful! Full of Family, Friends, A New Job, Great Oppurtunities, A Wonderous God, and Such Love Everywhere!

So As YOU go into YOUR next chapter find the GOOD AND THE GOD in EVERYDAY things weather they be good or bad! Find the LOVE ALL AROUND YOU! SEE the BEAUTY God has put all around us! Smell the roses, dance in the rain, give hugs for free, SMILE, dont sweat it (all the problums you can have are small compared to God no matter how BIG they may seem to you), Kiss the one you love passionately. tell people you love them and dont expect them to love you back, stand through the troubled times and finally LIVE YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE WHEN THE MONEYS GONE! These may sound like contradictions, but EVERYTHING GOOD (imagined or not) ARE POSSIBLE WITH THIS GREAT, HUGE GOD WHO LOVES US WITH ALL HE IS! AND HE IS LOVE, LIGHT AND LIFE!


God bless you all!

Deanna ❤ ❤

P.S: How are you? What are you excited or scared to face in this New Year? What big step are you taking, what step of faith? Are you at peace with your life?


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