Once in a very blue moon… <3

So this Sunday my church is starting our annual prayer and fasting and will be continuing it until the end of 21 days!

I am always excited when this time of year comes around because it gives me and my whole church an extra special time with with our Lover Jesus! To see Him in a new way, to better understand the things we should and shouldnt do and sometimes even the all important “WHY?” is anwsered!

To me this time is like your honeymoon or first date. It is something you will always remember  and you can only experience once in a very blue moon!

Take your lunch break, your dinner time or even whole days at a time to have your special, once in a blue moon moment with your Savior. The moment where is all clicks into place, or even better the moment where it all falls apart, but its okay because you know God will put it back together even better than it was before!

I hope you will read all my posts about what prayer and fasting is and what I will learn during my fast.

If you have any questions about at all, but especially about prayer and fasting I will try my best to anwser them right from the bible and if I dont know/ cant find the anwser I will ask my pastor 🙂

Also it would be so awesome if you would join me in prayer and fasting and tell me what you learn or simply tell me how you are doing in your life right now 🙂

Let us Christian Men and Women group together to grow strong in our faith! Lets train our flesh to listen to our spirits “NO!” Lets follow our Jesus with everything we’ve got! You with me?!


Deanna ❤


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