Seeking His Face…

Sorry I didnt post anything the last couple days. Tuesdays are really busy at my house especially yesterday it being the second day back to school and all. And yesterday I wasnt feeling well. Chruch on tuesday night was amzing and I almost cried numorous times! The geust speaker was speaking all about prayer and faith. “Faith is the precence of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” This is something we all know: HOPE is a future speaking word! When you say “I hope something” you are speaking to what you want for the future. (Example: I HOPE i get a passing grade on this test. I HOPE to be able to run a mile by the end of this year, ect, ect.) You never say “I hope we have milk.” as you are pouring the milk in your cereal! You dont say that because you already have the milk so you dont need to hope that when you open the fridge it will be there. That is what faith is. Faith is the precence of future things/needs being met and the evidence of what you cant yet see. Meaning, When you have faith you know that what you hope for (aka future things and needs) will be met. You know the milk is in the fridge and all you have to do is open the fridge! That in itself is a powerful statement! But here comes another one Ive realized. Sometimes it not time to open the fridge. Sometimes you dont need the milk yet! What I mean is this: Although I would still like to have the answers I had asked for I dont need the answers I just want the one who has the answers! I want the fridge! I want Jesus! He will keep the milk good for me until I need it! And when I need it it will be there ready to be used. I dont need to worry about having the answers or having my needs met because they already are. They are in the fridge waiting for me to 1. be ready for them and 2. open the fridge! Yes I know. Its harder than I am making it sound, but thats because we’re human. Our flesh is weak and has the “I want it NOW!” attitude, we need to feed our spirits (through reading of the word and prayer) and starve our flesh ( by saying no to it. I am not speaking of our body I am speaking of our carnal ways,but a good way to train yourself to say no to your flesh when it wants sin is to say no to your body when it wants food so fasting is a very helpful tool! Just make sure you are doing it in a healthy way :)). I just want Jesus. I want to do his will! I dont care when the questions get anwsered! I just want to be with my savior! I want to see his face! I want to make him glad! I want his face not just his hand! You know what I mean? I want to see the ESSENCE of Jesus, not just the ANWSERS of Jesus. I want to walk with Him all the days of my life! I want to be His lover and helper! I want Him and His ways!


“Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well!”

God bless you all and may you see more of His FACE and his HAND everyday ❤

Love Deanna,

P.S: Please pray for my family my church and me, Ive noticed signs of colds. Thanks 🙂


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