So my fast has …


So my fast has come to its end and Im about to go to the fridge and see what I can find to eat thats light lol (even though Id much rather go to the fridge and just pig out it wouldnt be very good for me so I’ll get something smaller and just eat in little bits through the day.) 😉 My fast improved as I went through it. No huge questions really got answered this year but as I type this I cant even really remember what questions I even had!  I learned so much during this fast and got such a great word from God to run with in this new year. I have such a better understanding of prayer and what the most effective way to pray is while still being yourself with God and not copying somebody else. (cause God wants to hear YOU not a whole bunch of somebody else’s lol) I also learned so much about trusting him and how to make my thoughts be postive in every situation. (Two huge problums of mine.) So Im on the way to a new improved postive trusting me lol 🙂 The word God gave me this year is HUGE so I hope I never forget it: “My wings will always cover you. Things may try to penitrate them but the will not be able to. You might fall with heaviness for what you see beyond my wings but you will not be hurt and you will not be cast down forever. You are my dear one. I will never forsake you.” ❤ ❤ Jesus knows what we need to hear when we need to hear it! Amen? 🙂

Love Deanna ❤

P.s I may start adding random images like this to every post cause I’ve realized how much I like seeing pictures in other peoples posts lol (these are of me and my baby brother the weekend before christmas lol :))


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