Prayer request: My Leopard Gecko: Rinny.

Dear Readers,

My Gecko Rinny turned a year old on new years day. Up until that point he was an active well fed well handled and fully well cared for fella, but a day or so after new years day he stopped eating his mealworms (the food he had always eaten) Ive double checked his habitat and everything is perfect! Ive tried every other food scorce avalibleĀ  and have even tried hand feeding. The only possible problum is parasites but I cant see that being the problum either because he acts normal except closing his eyes alot (pretty normal for him during the day) and not eating! Otherwhys he is acting totally normal! I only have one more thing I can try: a weird mash mixure that I drop on his nose. Please pray that he will get better and will fatten up and start eating his food again. I am at my wits end and am having a difficult time trusting God. I feel so worried. Please pray that I will find peace in God and that my baby will start fatting up. Thanks in advance. Deanna.

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