Prayer along with praise <3

Im giving a shout out to my Wonderful God tonight! A shout out of thanksgiving for the wonderful family and friends, pastors and mentors He has given to me! I shout out of praise for the good I can see and the good I will see soon! I shout out of wonder and excitement to see His face to see His plan and ways! A shout out of Love for He is very dear very very dear to me, my fortress and forever love! I could never love another soul more! A shout out of prayer and saddness for the things that burden the heart He’s given me! I shout out of Hope because He will never leave nor forsake my deepest desire… These verses were inspired by my greatest friend and I was reminded of them by my best friend Abby. And to echo her words I hope they touch your heart like they touched mine:

Psalms 9:9-10

      God’s a safe-house for the battered,

   a sanctuary during bad times.

       The moment you arrive, you relax;

   you’re never sorry you knocked.


Psalms 16:5

     My choice is you, God, first and only.

  And now I find I’m Your choice!


Psalms 16:7

      The wise counsel God gives when I’m awake

    is confirmed by my sleeping heart.


Psalms 16:11

     Now you’ve got my feet on the life path,

  all radiant from the shining of your face.

     Ever since you took my hand,

  I’m on the right way.


Psalms 18:24

      God rewrote the text of my life

   when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes.


Psalms 25:14

      God-friendship is for the God-worshipers;

   They are the ones he confides in.


Psalms 28:8

      God is all strength for his people,

   ample refuge for his chosen leader.


Psalms 29:1-4, 11

     Bravo, God, bravo!

  Gods and angels shout, “Encore!”

     In awe before the glory,

  in awe before God’s visible power.

     Stand at attention!

  Dress your best to honor him!

     God thunders across the waters,

  Brilliant, his voice and his face, streaming brightness –

     God, across the flood waters.

  God’s thunder tympanic,

     God topples the northern cedars.

  God makes his people strong.

     God gives his people peace.


Psalms 30:11

     You did it: you changed wild lament

   into whirling dance.


Psalms 32:11

     Celebrate God.

   Sing together – everyone!

      All you honest hearts, raise the roof!


Psalms 36:5-6

     God’s love is meteoric,

  His loyalty astronomic,

      His purpose titanic,

  His verdicts oceanic.

      Yet in His largeness

  nothing gets lost;

      Not a man, not a mouse,

  slips through the cracks.


Psalms 42:2

     I want to drink God,

  deep draughts of God.


  Psalms 55:23

       And I trust in You.


Psalms 62:6-8

     He’s solid rock under my feet,

  breathing room for my soul,

     An impregnable castle:

  I’m set for life.

     My help and glory are in God

  – granite-strength and safe-harbor-God –

     So trust him absolutely, people;

  lay your lives on the line for him.

     God is a safe place to be.


Psalms 103:3-5

     He forgives your sins – every one.

  He heals your diseases – every one.

     He redeems you from hell – saves your life!

  He crowns you with love and mercy – a paradise crown.

     He wraps you in goodness – beauty eternal.

  He renews your youth – you’re always young in his presence.


Psalms 121:1-2

     I look up to the mountains;

  does my strength come from the mountains?

     No, my strength comes from God,

  who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.


Psalms 136:23-26

     God remembered us when we were down,

  His love never quits!

     Rescued us from the trampling boot,

  His love never quits!

     Takes care of everyone in time of need,

  His love never quits!

     Thank God, who did it all!

  His love never quits!


God bless you all and may you be given the strength to NEVER quit and to NEVER stop believing

Love, Deanna ❤


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