~ My Sweet 16th! ~

The fifth was my sixteenth birthday! I dont know why but sixteen feels sooo different from fifteen, you know what I mean? Mostly things are just so much busier and we are thinking more and more about college! Can anyone say INSANE?! Lol. Well on the eleventh we had a 1920s style birthday party for me and my besties Abby and Eric (one who turned sixteen just a little before me and one whom has yet to turn sixteen but will this month.) 🙂


We had an Italian Buffet,


A photo booth with hilarious props,


and we all had to dance the charleston (and make up our own moves for it) if we were going to get our cake lol, (Ill post videos later so you can choose the winner lol)

We opened presents! We played mind games like the green glass door and such. We watch super 8 and some of the girls stayed the night watching scary movies like “premonition” and “the others”!

In short, best birthday EVER! (Not to mention we almost “died” from the death by chocolate cake and jumping around on the roof.)

Sweet 16 is so very sweet.


 Love, Deanna ❤


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