A word that tends to make people tremble with fear and anxiety. Some veiw the word as a source of great discomfort. Maybe they think and feel so much at once that it creates a boiling pot of confusion in their gut. After all what might happen out there?

Many of us go through change when starting a new year and if not we’ve all gone through change at some point in our lives. As many would say, “Change is inevitable.” but I don’t believe that means, “Fear and confusion are inevitable”.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be totally at peace through every bit of change coming your way?

Pretty wacko, right?

Jesus didn’t think so. He said in Philipians 4:6-7, Do not worry about anything rather with thanksgiving make your requests known to God then the peace of God which is too great to understand will protect your mind and your heart. (paraphrased)

Through everything we can have God peace there to protect us and all we have to do is talk to God and tell Him what’s got us scared or confused!

And that verse brings me to my next point: Be absolutely giddy with thanksgiving knowing that God is not only coming along for the ride but He’s orchestrating it too!

He’s written your story – beginning to end – with all the meticulous details already set in place for you. Maybe you think you’ve blotted out some of those pages with nasty ink stains. Well stop thinking your big enough to change the authors plan for you! Those pages are wiped clean and you’ve been given the ability to start over NOW with a clean slate!

Nothing you or anyone else can do can marr the adventure God has planned for you and I think if you will decide to believe that truth that you will come to know the peace and gratitude that Philipians speaks of and beyond that I think you’ll get excited to discover what’s going to happen beyond that next turn your coming up on. You’ll be ready – like Jasmine was to be “soaring, tumbling, (and) believing” as God “shows you the world” and all he has for you within it.




2 thoughts on “Change.

  1. Whether it is God’s providential hand keeping a truck from rolling completely over and drastically injuring the driver, or having a surgical procedure available to help an irregular heart become regular. Whether it is groceries dropped at the door of someone in need, or taking someone to a doctor’s appointment who feels like a burden only to tell them you’ve been in their shoes. You understand how they feel and are so grateful to be able to pay it forward. Maybe it is just the eagles soaring above you as you go for a walk under beautifully blue skies. Or it may be the hug you receive from your 9 year old grandson whom you never thought would make it when he was born at 2 1/2 pounds. It may be the peace of God in your heart as you meet with someone you’ve had conflicts with in the past and realize God’s grace has provided incredible healing.

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