Food for Thought: Dating and Lust.

Often times when one thinks about dating they get either a fluttery, warm feeling of joy or the bitter, heavy feeling of guilt. What makes the difference?

The answers may differ, but one key element for the christian is this word: LUST

(The dictionaries definition of the word Lust is as follows: Intense or unbridled sexual desire or an intense longing [for something that is not yours])

When you enter a dating or even courting relationship because of Lust – or even before you’ve dealt with Lust in your heart – it will create many pitfalls for both you and the person with which you are involved. You will fall to the will of temptation much easier, your thought life will turn rotten with sexual fantasies and shame, and you will definately hurt the other person by making them into an object whose most important use is to make you happy and beyond that – and most seriously – Lust is a sin. You are hurting not only the person you say you love, but the one who always loved you – God!

Hebrews 13:4, Matthew 5:28and 1 Corinthians 6:18.

If you are single I suggest that before entering a relationship that you clean Lust from your heart and fill it back up with the true love of your life: God. He is the only one who will ever truely satisfy you, find your fulness in Him before you look for a man.

If your dating/courting now and Lust isn’t a problem for you start to pray and search your heart. Ask God what you need to do and what you need to work on. It will bless your relationship in the long run if you take some time to do this.

If you’ve found Lust to be a problem in your life and you feel guilty, hurt or sick of yourself then take a break from romance! It couldn’t do anything but help. It is true that it is hard, but you need to let go before you can really change. Once you’ve let go hold tight to God and his word. He will heal you, cleanse you, and strengthen you! Sit in his love and wait for his signal to wave you back to your sweetheart.

Hold God higher than anything else in your heart and you could not be stronger, fuller, or more pure. Make Jesus your everything!

Job 31:1 “I dictated a covenant (an agreement) to my eyes; how then could I look [lustfully] upon a girl[or man]?”




2 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Dating and Lust.

  1. 7. Make God the true source of your life In her letter, my wife wrote “I made you my everything,” which is another way of saying she made me an idol. Men are not knights in shining armor, nor are we romantic dream machines; we’re broken clay pots, just like women. As men tend to make work or ministry their god, or source of life, women can use the relationships in their life as the primary source of their self esteem. When a woman makes her husband or family her god (i.e. “I am complete if I have the perfect husband with the perfect children”), she places unreasonable burdens and expectations on the backs of her loved ones. Then, when something goes wrong, such as when her husband reveals his struggle with sex addiction, her world collapses when the defective foundation her sense of self worth was built on falls apart.

    1. I agree! All of us need to make JESUS the center of our lives, we need to build our foundation on Him ALONE because only in Him do we find satisfaction and true joy. Jesus is the love of my life and always will be. Whoever marries me must know that He will never overtake My Savior in my heart. No one could be more important in anyones life. Thank you Lord for your perfection and your unimaginable loving graces ❤

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