Sometimes Its hard, but we’ve got to keep moving!

Haven’t you ever felt just totally drained? Like you had no more strength left? Like you were totally worn out and beyond any possible amount of help? Like you might as well give up?

Well Joyce Meyer on her Tv show Friday January 18th was speaking on the same subject and this is what she had to say about it, “dont give up… PUSH!”

Thats alittle odd isnt it?

Well not after she placed it in context. She used the verse 1 John 3:9 in amplified version. It states two principles.

1. When you are born again you cannot decide to sin on a regular basis.

“No one born (begotten) of God [delibrately, knowingly and habitually] practices sin…”

Sure we all will continue to mess up and that’s why we’ve got Jesus, but everyday we become more like God. Joyce Meyers put it this way, “I used to habitually pratice sin and every now and then I’d slip up and do right! Now I habitually do right and every now and then I’ll unknowingly slip up and do wrong!… And I believe that a year from now I’ll be doing less wrong than I do now, but still enough wrong that I’ll still need Jesus! Amen?”

Amen! We are freed from the BONDAGE of sin and are IN the GRACE of a God who transforms us more and more the more we know of Him.

2. We have God’s essence growing in us!

“… God’s nature abides in him [His principle of life, the divine sperm, remains permenatly within him];…”

This is where Joyce Meyers call to “PUSH” makes more sense. We all have a spirit within us and when we are born again not just the mirical of salvation occurs, but another mirical as well. GOD PLANTS A SEED OF ALL HE IS INSIDE OF US! That means our spirits are literally pregnant with, love, joy,peace, patience, gentleness, kindness and self control. God’s essence is inside of us waiting to burst forth.

But that – just like a real pregnancy – takes time. It takes time for us to transform, it takes time to nurture the seed. And oftentimes it take sooo long that we feel like nothing is ever going to happen. That’s why we lose faith in God’s promises concerning us and our ways and our lives and become insecure.

But Joyce Meyer and GOD HIMSELF is calling us to keep moving! Keep nuturing the seed by reading the bible and praying and don’t let mistakes discourage you because sometimes when its the hardest, and you feel beyond hope that just means its time to “PUSH” you are about to give birth to the essence of God in your life. You are on the verge of producing fruit that will change the world!

So I will echo the words of Joyce Meyer to myself and you saying, “do not give up, PUSH!”


Deanna ❤

Ps. Go to and click the buttom “broadcasts” to watch the broadcast mentioned in this post and more! 🙂



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