Tuesday Thoughts On A Wednesday Morning


The one weekday that is by far the busiest. That one weekday where I may not finish everything I need to do or if I do finish I just barely crawl past the finish line named “All Done”.

But that day somehow remains my favorite, over late Friday night movies or Sunday chillin’s, Tuesdays are my favorite. Despite the evening rush and the morning haze I dont stress or worry because I know that on that day – for just awhile – I will be at home; inside and out I’ll be home.

I know I’ll have those precious moments when I look around me at those whom I call brothers and sisters and see Him.

I see His light in their smiles.

I see His surrender in their lifted hands – reaching to the heavens to give their lives to Him – saying, “Here I am. Here I am.”

I see His love in their eyes and I hear His joy in their shouts.

For a moment –  one sweet, beautiful moment – I see Him – tangibly – all around me. I realize each and every time that He is in me – in my every movement and my every moment. He weaves through me like the ocean through the crags of pointed rocks and He beats like a pulse through my veins.

As I see these things I wonder at the fact that in this mortal body is an Immortal God pure as the whitest rose and strong as the two edged sword.



Deanna ❤


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