Meteor Hits Russia.

It was early morning on Febuary 15th in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

People were only just awakening and beginning to drive to work when suddenly a bright flash filled the pale morning sky and a fireball exploded overhead. Only moments later a meteor weighing 10 metric tons smashd into central Russia.


This Meteor with a similar impact to that of a small atomic bomb caused numerous shock waves. Walls shook, car alarms blared and windows blew in all over Chelyabinsk.


Thankfully there have been no casuality reports, but over 1,000 have been injured because of the damage caused by the blasts and the entire contenient is in a state of panic.

Please send prayers to the people of Russia for though the meteor may be only interesting to us it was devestating to them.


Deanna ❤


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