When Evil Strikes.

Disaster, Pain, Terror, Death, Uncertainty, Disalusionment, Shame, Guilt, Chains, Difficulty, Loss.

They are words we all try to avoid and words that strike us all at one point or another. But don’t blame God. Dont say, God did this.” Dont even say, “God let this happen.” or “why doesn’t he make it stop?”.

God cannot put into motion any evil thing nor can God allow such a thing to occur. God is love and therefore all his actions demonstrate it. He has made us so many loving promises and “God is not a man that he should lie.” – Numbers 23:19 so he always keeps his promises.

If you read the word and really let it soak into your spirit and your mind you will see for yourself that God has no part in any evil thing that occurs in our world. He says, “(I wish) that no man should parish but that all should come to repentance.” – 2 peter 3:9. God doesn’t want any one to go to hell and yet so so many do, “For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” – Matthew 7:13 Imagine the pain that creates in the heart of our almighty lover who promised to let us choose.

Our own choice is where the evil came from. Satan convinced us to be greedy, and to want something other than the wonder of Christ. He convinced Eve that the fruit was good to eat and would make her smarter than her God. He convinces young men and women that God is depriving them by asking them to wait until marriage for the intimacy of sex. He convinces them that its their life and their body and if they so desire they can remove the child which they foolishly created. He convinces those who are drunk to drive at insane speeds. He convinces husbands and wives that they are no longer satisfied with their spouse and must search elsewhere for their satisfaction.

The devil was the root and sinners have become the branches making a tangled mess of this world we live in.

On Monday april 15th bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. They are stating that this was a terrorist attack, but whether the terrorist Is our own, or one from another country is unknown. 22 have been reported injured and 2 dead. This proves the words spoken in scripture, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars…” (Matthew 24:6) The end is near and the world has never been more broken, but God has not stopped loving us. Gods protection was still there. Three other bombs were found in parcels that did NOT detonate. Though the fact that any were injured or killed is terribly tragic we must look at it in the light that out of at least a million people only twenty four were physically affected! That alone is a miracle but I do not think that is where the miracles will end. I believe that with our prayers those injured will be amazingly healed and made entirely whole. I believe people will come back from the dead.

When we pray God hears us and just because there is evil in the world doesn’t mean he stops loving and caring for us. It simply gives more proof to the fact. God is all powerful, He answers prayers and he is there in the midst of the destruction with us.



2 thoughts on “When Evil Strikes.

  1. “The death of Jesus was qualitatively different from any other death. The physical pain was nothing compared to the spiritual experience of cosmic abandonment. Christianity alone among the worlds religions claims that God became uniquely and fully human in Jesus Christ and therefore knows firsthand despair, rejection, loneliness, poverty, bereavement, torture, and imprisonment. On the cross he went beyond even the worst human suffering and experienced cosmic rejection and pain that exceeds ours as infinitely as his knowledge and power exceeds ours. In His death, God suffers in love, identifying with the abandoned and godforsaken. Why did he do it? The Bible says that Jesus came on a rescue mission for creation. He had to pay for our sins so that someday he can end evil and suffering without ending us.

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