“Every Set Back is The Starting Point For a Comeback.” – Annonymous.

The greatest and most inspirational people throughout History have had small beginnings. Abraham Lincoln was unschooled but, not uneducated. Corrie Ten Boom could have thought, I’m the wrong person born at the wrong time, but instead she stood even taller.

Today we look at our past – at our beginnings and our circumstances – to determine where we can go with our future. We look at our genes, our family history and our ethnic background and draw out stark white lines between what we can achieve and our dreams.

We have lost sight of a truth portrayed throughout history: Our personal obstacles compel us to greatness.

Just as President Lincoln took charge and educated himself in a world of poverty; just as Ms. Boom chose to take up the cause in the midst of fear and death; so can we.

We have access to precisely what made them strong in their weakness and made them giants before insurmountable odds: Christ in us.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians. 4:13



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