1 John 3-4 (Why Love? Part 2:)

1John 3-4

Under this New Law (The New Testament) how do we know what is right and what is wrong? Do we simply fall under the bondage and self righteousness of the Old Law (or Old Testament) again? No! We are given one job: Know God. We are given one command: Love others. Believe it or not these two mandates for the christian life are so intertwined that you cant find where one begins and the other ends! That one job and that one command, together, determine every aspect of a christians life. It reveals what we should and should not do by asking two questions, “What Would Jesus Do?” and “Is This Love?” We should base our every descision on what we know of Christs way of life and whether or not that action will hold someone up or cause them to stumble in their faith.

Although Jesus left us with only one commandment He truly did up the standard. After all which is easier? Always considering between yourself and God what is loving moment by moment or a straight forward list of do’s and dont’s?

Many of us think that if you know God you will love others. That thinking is shallow and self righteous. It is us striving for what is not strife – knowing God. Rather when you love others you know God more. If our Christian life is simply meant to be knowing God the desire of our heart will come to be to love others as much as possible so as to know Him more and more each and every moment. That mindset will remove all strife from the act of loving everyone around you for knowing God is the greatest joy and the purpose of our very being. ❤

Love Deanna ❤

If you didn’t read Why Love? Part One. you can do so here: https://onthewaytothere.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/why-love/


2 thoughts on “1 John 3-4 (Why Love? Part 2:)

  1. – Jesus tells Nicodemus that just as the wind can be felt, it can be measured and the effects of it can be seen; where it came from and where it went to remains a mystery. The new birth is the same way. You cannot see God do His work in a heart in this altar. But, you can see the effects of the wind of the Spirit in a life! When you see a drunkard leave his bottle, you know God has been working! When you hear clean language come from a mouth that used to be a sewer, you know God has been at work. When you see a vile woman become a clean woman, you know God has passed by. When you see a wicked, hateful man turn into a sweet, loving, holy saint, you know the wind of the Spirit has been blowing in his soul. It is a mystery because we do not see it happen. But, there is no denying the effects of the power of God when He works in the human heart.

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