The Most Amazing Thing…

I’m not quite sure I can explain the beauty of this experience called life when we do it with God. I can write about so many things with such confidence and ease because they are things I can comprehend, but God… this big and mighty God who made the greatest stars and planets, and He made them thinking of you and me! He designed everything in such a way  that we might live and breathe. Whether or not we accept Him he remains a God of Grace and a God of Love. He causes the sun to rise and set, the rain to fall, the sun to shine and our cells to function. Without Him we would all drop dead. Indeed He could simply say the word and we’d all cease to exist.

Somehow, for some reason I cant comprehend, He doesn’t do that. In our sin He loves us and cares for us. In our selfishness He is selfless. In our pain He is healing. In our death He is life. Oh our God is everything we’d ever need and more. He is our here and now and He is our forever.

It amazes me that I could be whining and complaining – completely selfish – but He still shows up and meets my need. When I’m begging to be Loved and Wanted He puts on the perfect song and sends out the perfect scripture or perfect text message. When I’m tired and weak and feel like I cant carry on He sends someone into my path that takes the time to say, “Here let me do that for you.”In the dark and in the Light I have found my God. In the dark he shines. I can see Him all around me. Its strange and beautiful. Undeserved Love. Undeserved Grace. Undeserved Favor.

I could never thank my God enough, but seeing Him this way makes me want to try. Knowing He is involved – actively – in my every moment, whether it be good or bad, is both comforting and empowering. What is there to fear when His power rests in our words? What is there to worry over when He is at work? We can really just Rest and Love. That is all that is required. And Honestly that requirement is easy and takes no work. It only brings Joy. Rest in your Lord – look to Him and see that He is there. He will work everything out for your good. And in the  good and in the bad He will work His grace to others through you. Just rest and listen to your Lord. Obey Him. Just be in His presence. Do not worry, do not fear and do not fret. He is the God that is close. He will never leave you and He will never stop Loving you.

-Deanna ❤


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