October 7th 2013 – Moments.





A sweep of the air


A pounding of feet


These are the moments we need to keep.



They hide in our hearts


they fill our lungs


they’re the story God wrote


before our days had begun.



We wish and we dream


for the future we make


little do we realize


its the moments at stake.



The moments we hide in our hearts


and fill up our lungs


the moments that change us


and show us His son.



We breath in the air


but cough out smoke


because we dont stop


to see the moments He wrote.



If nothing good goes in


nothing good comes out


If we dont love


what is life all about?



We need the moments


they lift our eyes


to the creator


who made the skys.



We need the moments


that breath of fresh air


the one we dont realize


is always there.



We need the moments


the red red rose


the rain on our cheeks


and His kiss on our nose.



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