Waiting Takes a depth of soul and depth of love that’s rare – that’s special. Many claim love as a refusal to let go, but love is more so the ability to say, with Jason Mraz, “If you’re needing your space to do some navigating I’ll be here patiently waiting to see what you find”. Love is realizing that no matter how much you want to be there to help that person some journeys need to be taken alone: in a thoughtful, peaceful silence. Sometimes people need to sort through their heart themselves before they give it to someone who loves them.

And other times love  – the kind Jesus Himself came to give us – is realizing (and accepting) the fact that the one person you care so much for, the one person you want nothing more than to encourage, love and hold will never feel the same way you do…

More often than not sacrificial love is the willingness and, dare I say, the desire to let them choose their own way. Indeed love is trusting God enough to let Him care for them as you let them float away.

Love, Deanna. ❤


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