…Nostalgia in the Wanderlust…

Nostalgia in the wanderlust

Feet move forward but hearts behind

Back through the past of long lost time

Tracing the footprints made in sand


You wander the old beach again

Nostalgia in the wanderlust

Your heart is torn between what is

And what was in places begon


You study the faces and laughter

From which you have moved on and on

Nostalgia in the wanderlust

You cant seem to let memories fall


You hold to the past as your truth

But rest knowing we’re inside you

A part of your heart never ever lost

Nostalgia in the wanderlust.


By Deanna.


For our Ashton as he moves on to new things – going wherever God and his wanderlust calls him!

Discover and explore it all 🙂


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