No Such Thing as Not Enough.

We go through life saying Im not enough,

Im drowning,

Im falling,

and I cant get up.

Im not enough,

Its not even close,

To hitting a bench mark,

that will give me hope.

Its not enough,

This life has failed me,

Im broke,

Im poor,

Im hopelessly flailing.

I grasp for more,

in all I do,

but its never good enough,

perfections never close enough.

Your not good enough,

you never say whats right,

Your not good enough,

to be any sort of light.

Loves just a joke,

its not good enough for me,

to drown in lies,

fall in the sea.

of what the world says,

will make me glad,

Im not enough,

your not enough,

the way we see,

and what we want,

nothing could ever be.

But the truth is,

it doesn’t have to be,

you and me,

we weren’t meant,

to hit that mark so high,

our finger tips,

could never touch it if we tried.

This life is more than we could dream,

so why don’t we stand up and sing,

“there is no such thing as not enough!”

there you go satan im calling your bluff,

in the midst of the hurt,

in the midst of the shame,

Im claiming aces,

satan you’ve lost again.

Im not enough,

theres no such thing,

because God is my king,

And I am his,

and he makes me,

more like him,

pulls me out of this sea.

Its not enough,

Theres no such thing,

because of the grace that came,

and picked us up again,

we have an inheritance way in the skies,

that YOU, satan, couldnt steal if you tried,

So we look up and we know,

theres no such thing,

as not enough in Gods great glow,

Satan scream your not enough,

all night long,

but I will remain standing,

and singing this song,

I am enough,

because Grace came down,

I am enough,

because by God I am crowned.


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