Seep-y God, Pretty Rice Paper

Beautiful and exactly what I think we all need to remember in the November whirlwind. Thank you Jayne ❤


God is huge, He is ever present and so powerful and incredibly brilliant.
To know Him completely is literally to die.
To understand Him totally or explain Him fully is impossible.

We should all probably stop trying…especially if we’ve already said yes to life with Jesus.
The adventure is so great that He shouldn’t have to clue us in all the time to what’s happening.




With that said, His love is even more vast and hard to fathom than His existence.

God kneels to make eye contact with me.
He came to my level, limited himself, and was a man.
Through Jesus, the huge, heavenly, insanely incomprehensible lifestyle of the Father’s–
can be taught to me.
He breaks it down. He breaks bread.

Heavenly principles that transcend time and space,
spelled out in English for me on pretty rice paper. Or in another language for someone else…

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