What is True Love? (Poem)

True Love is not simply a feeling,

or somewhere we all hope to go.

True Love is not poetry,

or heart beats full of glow.

True Love is not magic,

or dancing beneath the moon.

True Love is not a day dream

which overtakes us at noon.

True Love is not snowflakes and mistletoe,

or singing with all your might.

True Love is not sighing and aching,

or dreaming of romance with the stars each night.

True Love is something bigger

(than what we feel inside)

True Love is something bigger,

something that makes us see

Life isnt all about us

or how we think it ought to be.

True Love is sacrifice,

True Love is giving up your all,

True Love is picking that person up,

not matter how oft they fall.

True Love is more than kisses,

and heart warming tunes.

True Love is choosing,

and showing,

not just saying,

“I Love You”

True Love is everyday forgiving

whatever your soul mate may do.

True Love is letting go,

and letting them choose you.

True Love is making them,

who they want to be,

and not the prince and the frogs

that lie within your dreams.

True Love is believing

in the good that you can see

True Love is being

Buddy Soldiers in The Fight of Faith;

The kind of soldiers that stay together even in the darkest night.

True Love is accepting them,

despite and through their flaws.

True Love is knowing that only God can be their Judge.

True Love is so much more –

and harder –

than we might think,

And I hope that you see,

True Love is not a feeling,

but dying so they may be free.

– Deanna L. Cook ❤


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