Live In His Presence.

I have discovered that writing has to come from the heart and not the head. When it comes from the head it might seem more put together; it might even come by faster; you might get more publishers and possibly more fans, but it will never truly touch; it will never live or breathe.



Nothing will ever change through your head.



But from the heart is the well spring of life. From the spirit comes winds of color and beauty and change.



Why dont we live from our spirits and from our hearts? It will open us up to a whole new world. It will disconnect us from the fiction, from the masks, and show us the truth.



And the truth will set you free.



I have finally not only discovered the truth but I’ve come to really know Him. My life is a story that I hope will reflect that knowing. I hope that through these pages you will see what that sort of intimacy is. Yes I am only one person, weak and faulted, but with the help of The Father I can be so much more. Though my fingers type many different words and these words reflect my heart and my life and the lives of those before me and around me these words can be nothing but empty without Him.



We are empty vessels until He fills us.



We are empty tombs waiting to be filled with our dead hopes and dreams and even our very selves.

We are dark and dead without His life.

We are fatherless and unloved outside of his presence.

We ought to live everyday for Him and with Him.

What are we but nothing without Him?

He’s arms are open.

He will never leave you desolate,

Or alone,

Or afraid,

Or worthless.

With Him we, though nothing, have access to everything,

Access to our very selves,

Access to our hopes,

Access to our dreams,

Access to fulfillment,

Access to Love,

Access to beauty,

Access to wonder,

Access to strength,

Access to freedom.

He is All in All,

The First and the Last,

The Beginning and the End,

The Way,

The Truth,

The Light

The Life.

And that is why I will always write and why I’ll let Him author my story everyday.

Savor the daily moments with your Savior.

He’s waited so long for you.



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