You With Me.

I live too far away,

and have so much to do,

but don’t ever doubt how much I love you.

I work day and night,

I have responsibilities you know,

but I just wish to play with you in the snow.

I’m missing the smiles,

the laughter too,

I’m missing the moments to say, “I love you”.

I’m missing the moments to dance,

and to sing,

I’m missing the moments where we simply dream.

Instead of having you by my side,

I’m writing and working,

I’m running out of time.

“It’s for the good of the world,”

you say,

“that you do what you do.”

But I say, “It all doesnt matter,

If I can’t love you”.

Love is what Christmas is all about,

not presents,

not good deeds,

not snow falling down,

not dancing or singing,

or having a row,

Christmas is the season that love should abound.

But here I am,

Little ol’ me,

going to parties,

and drinking hot tea,

buying some presents,

hanging ornaments around,

I seem utterly happy,

full to the brim with Christmas cheer,

But I tell you I’m not.

I couldn’t be made so for all the presents in the world,

or all the dresses in which to twirl,

for a thousand chocolate candies,

or sugar plum dreams.

None of it matters if I don’t have you with me.

– Deanna

To All my Family and Friends. You guys make my world go round ❤
I love you and miss you every moment we’re apart!!


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