The Ancient Desire.

My Christmas Poem as a thank you to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ! Emanuel! I am so grateful! God bless you all 🙂

Dancing On The Keys

Deep within our souls well up a fire.

A great intense burning desire.

For something more than what we see.

Something that truly sets us free.

The wood crackles with a fire.
That melts away any desire
To search the purpose of what we see
And yet we think we are free.
Our hearts burn with a fire.
And our lips seek its desire.
We close our eyes so we don’t see.
Yet we feel as if we’re free.
Our heads soar above the fire.
Of a world full of hot desire.
We ignore or hate what we see.
The masses cry, “set us free!”
But through it all burnt a true fire.
One that wasn’t an idle desire.
One that was strange to see.
But it beckoned, “come be free!”
In the manger in the midst of the mire.
Lay a babe with God for sire
One that the…

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