No Escape.

Thick as the blackest night lay this chasm in the deep with imaginations and horrors in which your soul may steep. The long grey fingers reach through the door and implore, “Will you step upon it’s cold dark floor? Will you search? Will you plead with the devils of dreams that haunt the nights with smiles that gleam?

Oh! The blades of their teeth! They eat through steel and their only desire is to kill. To drench the world in blood – dark red.

This story will implore the depths of your spirit.

Think long, think careful – you can’t risk to miss it.


Her eyes were open, but she could see nothing. Her lungs worked, but she felt no influx of air. She reached out first with her mind, but no thoughts befell her countenance. She then reached forth with her fingers. Inch by inch she pursued the darkness. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. All she could feel was the clammy humidity of her surroundings and the emptiness of her mind.

Though memories raced around her head filled with laughter and pleasure it all seemed to her a sea of falsehood. Emptiness and blackness her only treasure. She wandered and perused her mind for her name and her face, but all that bombarded her recollection of her own person was poisoned by some evil that had taken her deep within this cavern.She could recall nothing, it seemed, of her capture, but he – her captor.

His hands were grey and cold as if he was nought but death. The sound of his footfalls were as the beating of a continual drum coming mercilessly closer and ever on. There was never any escaping him. He knew all.Wherever she went he hid in the smallest shadows and the minutest crevices which her path laid open to his devious persona.

His pocket watch his heart beat. It hung from the nape of his neck upon a golden chain. It his god and his tool. The hands his plaything and the world his merrionette.She had always been at his mercy.  He was her lord and she was now once and for all his captive. No escape. Nothing before her nor behind her. His destruction was at last final and complete.

Suddenly she could feel his presence in the room. She could hear the clock. Tick. Tick. Tick. His footsteps pounded in an unearthly rhythm. His breath whispered over her form with unbearable heat.His presence had chased her all her life, but never before had it been so overbearing.

That is when she knew. That is when it hit her: it was all over. Her life had ended and there was no going back. He’d given her the ultimate penalty: Death, but worse. Death, but more than that. Death from which there is no hope of return, but yet every desire for it.


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