Is There an Upside to Being an Obsessive Lover?

I would like to send out an encouragement to you singles out there who are obsessive lovers (Aka: professional Romantics) like myself.

If you are constantly wishing to lock yourself away in your room to daydream about your crush and listen to all those songs about starlight and first kisses and flying. If you are always wishing to dance under the moon and stars. If you want nothing more than to tell your crush in words of nervous prose how you feel about him and how special he is to you. If your biggest and most thought consuming and seemingly farthest away dream is falling in love with Mr. Right, getting married and settling down into a life where love never fails. If you dream of kisses and are always writing in your diary the woes of your virgin lips. And if you are sick and tired of crush after crush CRUSHING you then you are an obsessive lover.

You are like me. Stock full of passion and maybe because this new year rolled around and you are single once more you are also feeling hopeless.

Well I want to share with you something that God showed me on Saturday night when I sat up listening for His voice rather than simply “crushing” like I usually do. He showed me that I am not an obsessive lover for no reason. He showed me that being a Romantic is not some sort of sickness from which I ought to recover.

He said, “I made you to love obsessively and to burn with passion because that gives you the ability to touch people like no one else. When you put your focus on something (or someone) you cannot get it out of your mind. You will work hard and get it done. YOU DON’T GIVE UP and that’s why I made you the way you are. I made you my endurance runner. You can love your crush, BUT he cannot be your focused love because he is not in your right now. That’s why being obsessed with a crush hurts. You cant do anything towards it. There is no purpose in the passion.”

God doesn’t want you to give up your dreams for love. He gave you endurance so you can have a beautiful, lasting marriage.

God doesn’t want you to change who you are. He made you the way you are.

The problem isn’t the way you were made. God makes no mistakes.

The problem is in the way we are using the good thing God made.

The problem is our focus.

You cant focus on someone if they are not right in front of you and believe it or not, ladies, but a crush is never right in front of you. A crush is like a piece of the puzzle showing you the assets of the bigger picture. Crushes are stepping stones to the illusive Mr. ?. We all know a piece should not be taken more seriously than the puzzle in which it fits. You can never find the location of a puzzle piece without comprehending the bigger picture.

That would be like trying to understand the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ without realizing beforehand that you even needed saving. Its not possible.

God wants us Romantics to focus on the big picture.

The big picture is Jesus and His love and salvation. Gods encouragement to you today is that life doesn’t start with finding Mr. ?. Life is right now. Take every day to obsessively love your Lord and all he has placed around you – both the people and the missions. Live your life to be a blessing and spread Eden wherever you go. When you do this everything else (including, but not limited to Mr. ?) will fall into place.

“Seek First the Kingdom and His righteousness and all other things will be added unto you besides.” – Matthew 6:33


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