BrokenHearted. </3

An older post concerning the post I wrote tonight. I hope you will read this as well ❤

On The Way To There

Pain. Hurt. Loss.

Words like these happen much to often in a broken world that is try to break a mended people.

We all feel pain, weather it’s physical from a fall or emotional from an experience that left a scar on our heart. We all get hurt when someone we thought we knew turns out to be different than we thought or if we get left in the dust by someone we care about. We all experience loss, weather we had to do the hard thing and let go or it was wrenched away from our grasp.

Those words are common and when I see these things affect those around me it causes a pang in my heart too deep rooted to explain. But it does make me want to reach out so let me try to lift you to a higher place. Let me shine a light of love…

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