The God With You in Sadness.

I know there are many out there tonight sitting up missing someone who has left this earth. Whether that be your mom, dad, aunt, grandparent, friend or spouse. Whomever has left you with a treasure trove of memories within you, but is no longer present to make more with you. God wants to remind you that He is with you tonight. I have a prayer that I want to share with you. Believe it and accept it,

“Jesus in Isaiah 61 a prophetic word of you says that you came to heal the broken hearted and bring back those who are full of sorrow. You promised a sufficient balm for the wounded hearts and a garment of praise for those who are mourning. You promised beauty for ashes. You promised to bring glory and honor to those who trust you in the midst of painful trials. You said, “They will be like trees of righteousness, planted by the Lord for his glory”. In Isaiah 46 it says, “even to old age I am He and even unto grey hairs I will carry you. I have made and I will bear. Even I will carry and I will deliver you.” You promised to be with them through it all. I declare Isaiah 61 and Isaiah 46:3-4 over all who have lost someone to death in Jesus name! They all will arise from this pain brighter for the world to see and more full of trust in God than they ever were before. We are deeply loved and graced by God and we know that those who are hurting have been graced for this time in their life. Gods grace is always sufficient. No matter how big the hurt Your grace will always heal it Lord God. Thank you Jesus for your salvation and all you do for us now and for eternity in Jesus name Amen.”

As a Christian (which makes you an heir with Christ and a rightful recipient of all the promises of God) you have – right now – all those promises I shared above. Everything God says in His word concerning His children is yours. He is calling to you gently out of your pain and into His arms. Rest in Him. Trust Him. And take time now to adore Him. He has graced you. Nothing is too heavy or too much for you because He will bear it all for you if you will only allow Him to. He adores you. Everyone of you are precious to Him. Seek Him out. Know His comfort and His ways. Take the time to listen and hear His voice. Soften your heart to Him. Allow Him in. Do not shut Him out and do not despair.

If you are not a Christian today. If you don’t know the hope I write of or that the song sings about then I would encourage you to do the searching you need to see who God is. To discover the truth of the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and His eternal love for you. He is waiting for you with arms open. I would recommend you read the bible, the book More Than a Carpenter and look at Jesus from all sides. God wants you to decide for yourself what is true. He said in the Bible, “I lay before you life and death”. My dear friend, you get to choose. Just know that despite all the wrongs you’ve done or the hurt you are harboring God doesn’t love you any more or any less than anyone else. You are not a hopeless cause to Him. He adores you and He is waiting for you to accept His love, comfort and most of all His free gift of salvation. He has waited for you since before the dawn of time and He’ll never stop waiting.

When you have decided with conviction and joy to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior please pray the following prayer,

“Dear Jesus.

Thank you for coming from heaven. Thank you for your miracle birth through the virgin Mary and your life of love that I can always look to when I am confused or hurting. Thank you most of all for never giving up on me and loving me enough to die on the cross for my sins. God thank you so so so much for forgiving me. Lord come into my life. Heal my spirit and give me rightstanding with you. I thank you that I am already cleansed by you! Thank you for becoming my Lord, My comforter and My guiding Hand. I love you Lord In Jesus Name Amen.”



(Ps. I am always here for my readers. Please leave a comment if you would like to talk or contact me at I love you all dearly and always have time for you. God bless you <3)


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