poem-writing is like baking a birthday cake

Love this! I so get you Shawn L. Bird!

Shawn L. Bird

Writing a novel is like baking a birthday cake.

First, you figure out what kind it is

chocolate, vanilla, spice, angel?

historical? horror? teen? romance?

What is your audience?

Three toddlers?  Fifty seniors?

Then you add the ingredients in some order

flour, eggs, milk, sugar

protagonist, conflict, plot, setting

Then you mix them all together and add some heat

from an oven

an editor or first readers

It cooks, changing from ingredients into cake.

It’s edited from a manuscript to a book.

When it tests as being done,

it has to sit a bit to cool

Then it is shared with a small group, or a huge crowd

People celebrate with candles, smiles and songs

A cake lasts a moment, but the memory can linger.

A book lasts longer, but the memory of the first moment  lingers.


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