Demand Freedom!

Pastor Saeed, an American citizen, has been imprisoned by the Iranian government for over a year. They have no legal reason that they can claim for his imprisonment for he is imprisoned on the sole bases that he is a Christian in a country that claims religious freedoms for all.

When we began this fight we brought this issue to the attention of the American Government, but when The U.S. was negotiating with Iran Pastor Saeed was never even mentioned!

The President of Iran tweeted something along these lines soon after the two governments split ways, “The Americans have given in to the will of all Iran.”

Though thousands have signed the petition to renew sanctions with Iran (sanctions that have resulted in their releasing prisoners many time before) and a majority in congress wish to bring it to a vote in the Senate still nothing has been done.

I am asking our Government, how long will it take? What happened freedom? What happened to our rights? Pastor Saeed his an American despite his ethnicity and if you do not make him a priority then you are not the government you claim to be in our founding documents: Upright, Under God and the head of a Free People.

I want you to stand up and fight for Pastor Saeed!

The words of our founding fathers have not ceased to rule this nation. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights still rule you. They call you on a simple stand for morality and Governmental duty to save Saeed.

Please Read this article and follow the link in it to sign the petition.

And never cease to pray for release, breakthrough and change, both for Saeed and for our country.

God bless you and Keep you under His mighty wings.




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