The Pi Lit Games.

Since today was National Pi day and my dad is the most geeky math lover I’ve ever met I decided I would instigate a little game of Pi Lit while we eat some literal pie. This may have been to simply avoid a late night math lesson on the mass, circumference, volume or area of our circle of delicious goodness or it may have been the mind blowing ability to take numbers and create words!

What is Pi Literature?

Pi Lit is a constrained form of writing in which one must write words of a certain number of letters which correspond to the letters of Pi (3.141592653… into infinity). The Pi Lit Game is my personal creation which corresponds very much to The Story Game in which you sit around in a circle and each contribute to a piece of the story. For the purpose of professional Pi Lit one would work with individual words and the number of letters in them however I think it would be best to make the game a bit customizable. There are three ways to play:

1. Play with the literal rules of Pi Lit by going around in a circle and allowing each person to contribute a word with their designated number of letters (make sure the story is understandable. Maybe start with a couple sentences already written from Pi that you prepared before-hand.)

2. Play using Number of Syllables instead of Number of Letters. (This may make the story a bit more flexible, but also makes it more complicated for younger readers. I would recommend only playing if everyone has a strong sense of what a syllable is and is ready for a challenge!)

3. Play using Number of Words. This is by far the easiest way to play and most like the original Story Game. Everyone contributes a sentence, but they can only use so many words. The sentences must be complete.

You know what? You could always go crazy and allow everyone to use whichever method they want to throughout the game!

Now let the games begin with —



1.”The shadow lives!”


1.”That happened last year.”


1.”Just like it happened today. It robbed two banks and went back into hiding. People died.”

2.”I heard someone knew it beforehand. Who could have done it?”

1.”Bobby Joe Seeger.”

2.”Bobby Joe Seegers Ten Speed?”

1.”Yes everyone gets a delicious breakfast, baby girl, and I heard they have the best puppets around…”

2.”He used shadow puppets to rob banks?!…Wait… I know you – aren’t you a famous puppetmaster?…”

– THUD –

The End.

 Let me know what you all think of the Pi Lit Games and send me your stories! I would love to hear them and if you would let me I would also love to post them as parts of my Pi Lit Continuum Series which is a multi plot, multi world story that I hope to post many of (if I don’t get to busy with my “serious” stuff haha). If you want to be the author of episode 2 in the series we’ve done these numbers:


so you can chime in at the number – 2 – and go from there. Good luck and have fun!


Deanna ❤


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