I Need Summer!

The last couple days have been absolute paradise! Spring break, mountain trips, warm temperatures, shorts, sandals and summer dreams. It’s at that perfect point between a New Mexico Winter and a New Mexico Summer. Not too hot. Not too cold.

With my final high school semester nearing its end and my up and coming ability to drive I am having summer dreams in early spring.

I want to window shop at the mall and blow money on movies and coffee.
I want to have a water balloon FIGHT with all of my friends and siblings. I want to go camping, eat marshmellows, stay up all night and play slenderman.
I want to go swimming CONSTANTLY and basically LIVE in my bathingsuit. I want to go for icecream. I want to get my feet dirty and lay out towels in the poky sand for a sun tan.
I want to take a road trip with all my friends and spend a week on the florida beach. I want to be a dork. I want to laugh. I want to biff it. I want to parkour. I want to live like YOLO (even though I know you all hate that saying by now). I just want to spend all kinds of time with family and friends.
I want to stare up at the sky and create little worlds in my head which will explode onto the written page. I want to watch for shapes in the clouds and laugh over them.
I want to go backpacking in the mountains. I want to watch both the sunrise and the sunset everyday.
I want to relax in the sun and do nothing all day.

Now who is with me for summer coming early?! Lets start living life to the fullest RIGHT NOW. Smile more than you frown. Dawdle away at least ALITTLE time. Hug people and shout ILOVEYOU! Gather up those you love most – make the biggest circle you’ve ever made of friends and family – and make a giant list of summer must do’s. Go out and buy a summer wardrobe (and a new purse to carry all your sunscreen, glasses and musical devices ;)) Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy EVERY LITTLE MOMENT.


What’s your list of summer must do’s? What adventure will this summer begin for you? Are any of you becoming adults? Getting married? Learning to drive? Finishing school? Moving? Learning a new skill? Starting a hobby or a new resolution? Tell me all about it in the comments below and have fun dreaming about summer!


Deanna ❤

(Photos compliments of Tumblr. Thank you photography addicts for all your marvelous works of art. I intend no copyright infringement whatsoever.)


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