Poetry Explosion

I didn’t have a chance to write a thoughtful blog post over the weekend because I was enjoying a fulfilling and empowering weekend with all the ladies in my church family. We ate chocolate, shopped and received amazing, and life changing words from Pastor Jennifer and Dr. Leaf.

However when I got home from my GED and my youth group tonight I found some poems to post so I hope you enjoy and I love you all.

My Greatest Fear:

My lips are sealed,

sewn tightly shut,

you cannot be told,

of this well in my heart.

Bubbling up,

boiling hot,

It wont give up,

nor shall it stop.

In the swirling waters,

a reflection of you,

my heart falters,

I fear its true,

My heart has encased you,

to forever hold a mold,

of something found by few,

of this you cant be told.

But yet its true,

I hold you dear,

I will never release you,

that is my greatest fear.

Every Sunrise:

The sun rises,

a glory above the hills,

the sun is shining,

you love us still.

Grace is You:


is not a dream,

its where we live,

all our days.

It washes our sins,

cleanses our hearts,

pulls from our soul,

all that tears us apart.

We need not fear,

nor wallow in guilt,

we need not fret,

God is truth.

Whatever weve been through,

whatever we’ve done,


it cant compare to you.

We need not fear the future,

Nor fret over our pasts,

we need not worry,

over what we do this day.

God works,

all together for good,

it is not our works,

but the fact that in him,

we are understood.

The Fever:

In the heart burn a fever,

maddening and clear,

its confusion makes us shiver,

we search a cure yet hold it dear,

in the heart burns a fever.

In the head burns a fever,

and muddles up our life,

it lies us down and we quiver,

it is an awful strife,

in the head burns a fever.

In the hands burn a fever,

an itching “have to do”,

it makes you a frantic driver,

and mean friend too,

in the hands burn a fever.

In the feet burn a fever,

up from the hot pavement,

you are the worlds best runner,

race of the winners tent,

in the feet burn a fever.

In the eyes burn a fever,

a lust a trap a woe,

in the eyes burn the fever,

wherever you may go,

in the eyes burn a fever.

In man burns a fever,

which falls not from heavens skies,

in man burns a fever,

and that is why he dies.

Salty Tears:

Icy waves

pound her face,

and pummel the tears away,

and when she rises,

the sun capsizes,

and there she finds grace.

Her cheeks turned red,

from the salty thread,

that falls there no more,

and on she goes,

feet never touching the floor.

And now we find her in the sun,

a glorious smiling force,

and not because,

she’d never felt remorse,

but because she refused to close the doors.




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