Between Us Two.

Between Us Two :

When they come together,

something in them sparks,

they look at eachother,

and think thusly in their hearts:


The boy sees her smile from across the room,

How is it,

he thinks,

that just seeing your face,

can make me so happy?

The girl sees him too,

and her heart wells up,

as a blush spreads over her face,

how is it,

she thinks,

that just being near you,

I feel so accepted,

so safe,

like nothing could be wrong?

They move slowly closer,

begin to converse,

neither aware,

of how the other dreams to flirt,

scared to be in love,

new to the game,

she laughs nervously,

he chuckles to think,

How is it,

that your laugh,

makes me feel like a king?

The boy cant stop,

the sparkle she gives his eye,

How is it,

she thinks,

that your eyes,

ignite my dreams?

And off they go,

ne’re saying a word,

of how they each feel,

for it is nought but absurd,

to their quiet little hearts,

which hid their lights in the dark,

they cover the flame,

they conceal the spark,

though they know that they see,

their dreams,

in the others arms,

They are afraid,

too afraid to say,

what they think,

in their minds,

the how closes their mouth,

from speaking the truth,

letting it out,

and off they both go,

thinking alone,

how is it,

that these feelings make me silent?

how is it,

that like the dimly lit night,

I do love you?





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