Life is a series of whirlwinds.

I have lived that for the past month – from taking and passing my GED exams to planning a graduation party to writing many letters of thanks to getting my learners permit.

Put simply I am a single woman living a crazy life.

Many people like me – and often including me – are complaining about their job: its unfair, unreasonable, I have to stay up too early or too late.

We complain about our families: they just don’t understand me, they’re too loud, annoying or crazy.

We complain about loneliness. We think that if we were to just finally find a romantic relationship in which the love was unconditional then we would be happy.

Put simply we are young and very naive. We believe with a passion that at some point in our lives everything is going to line up perfectly and be everything we always dreamed. We’ll be happy, rich, loved, and living the perfect American dream.

I have something to break to you. There is no such thing as enough – not when it comes to money or things or people or love.

I am not saying this to discourage you, but to bring you back to a reality where you can get up and change the lives of those around you.

A woman who has impacted my life in massive ways was talking to me about jealousy. I was telling her that seeing all my friends falling in love and having what I have wanted all my life was causing me to turn green, to ache inside and pull away from those I care about most. She then said something very profound that I have been pondering ever since.

She said, “From one season in life to another you exchange one set of problems for another.”

This is not to say you can never be happy or that all of life is hardship. This is to say that you must be happy where you are or you will never be happy.

Should you reach for your dreams and your desires – absolutely. The bible says, “Delight in the Lord and He will GIVE you the desires in your heart.” (Psalms 37:4)

This verse is twofold:

1. Receiving comes after joy.

2. When you have nothing else to delight in you always have God.

Your lot in life is a beautiful one when you are with Jesus. You only have one choice you ever must make. Will you trust yourself or will you trust your God? After you chose that everything else falls into place. When you choose to trust yourself you will stress and worry and find discontentment with every situation that is not precisely what you would desire, but when you trust your God and your Savior and your Lover and your Friend – who is all serving and all loving of you – you find rest and joy. In that you find a strength you never would have imagined. Strength to love. Strength to care for the hurting. Strength for patience. Strength for serving. Strength for true happiness. And because this strength doesn’t come from your own will power you find that all you have is a smile and complete contentment.


Deanna ❤



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