Opposites Attract.

Have you ever found yourself crushing hard on a fictional character? They were probably very different from you and in all likelihood they were your exact opposite. As people like to say when it comes to the crushes of reality, “opposites attract.”

But what about the people who created them? The authors, script writers and video game designers? What are they like? How did they create a being so realistic that you could find them causing your heart to flutter?

Many people claim that writers write what they know and in many ways this is true. Every work of fiction must be a work of the heart, a work of passion, if it is to grab the reader, however I think that writers also write what excites them.

It is much like when you dream.

It is not typical for you to dream something that would happen every run of the mill day.

You don’t dream about waking up, eating a bowl of cereal and then heading off to work and if you do something extraordinary usually accompanies it. Maybe a great white shark bursts out of the street in front of you and eats your car in a single bite. Maybe you accidentally kill someone at work and get fired. Maybe you end up making a sandwich for the love of your life and when his eyes meet yours at the register he picks you up and carries you off for a wedding that is somehow already completely prepared.

We dream about things that terrify us and things that gratify us. You can tell by a novel the depths of a writer’s heart – their fears and their dreams. When a writer creates a character that is their complete opposite they are reaching for something outside of their normal. They are asking, “If I wasn’t myself how would I do what I dream? How would I fear? What would my reasoning be?” They are reaching into the deepest part of the human experience by sympathizing with the probable and the improbable desires of man.

People also write what arouses their curiosity.

When you write you can get into the head of people you could never understand before. You can look at the thoughts and motives of the people in your lives through the scenarios in your movies or books. You get out of your fears and pick their brains for their fears, their love, their dreams.

Lastly we write what is limitless.

When you dream you often do things you would never do in real life. If a shark ate your car today you would probably scream and end up dying, helpless, in its giant stomach. However, in your dream you probably found your way to its heart and stabbed it through with a piece of your mangled car. You walked back out of its great jaws victorious and unharmed.

When you create a character that is your opposite you are allowing yourself to slay the sharks of your life. You are releasing the smallness of who you are. You are rejecting your personality and solving problems and living life without a worry of how it all might turn out.

Scientists say that dreams are our unconscious minds working out our real world problems in new and daring ways. Writing is like creating your own dream world. Sure your dreams are outlined by your personal reality, but they become limitless because you have no inhibitions. When you write you become the bravest adventurer .

I think people can make characters who are their exact opposite because at the bottom of all of life’s endeavors we are reaching past the reality that is just ourselves and into a bigger, brighter world.


Deanna ❤


3 thoughts on “Opposites Attract.

    1. I think you hit it right on!!! When I write I usually use my nightmares as inspiration. I write my fears onto paper and as if the ink were my heart’s blood, I feel them drain away, marring the perfect white of the page and leaving my own soul just the least bit purer.

      1. I know exactly what you mean! It is what I so adore about the written word. It is the soul of the author poured upon the page. You can see the essence of the person there and when you see that, whether in your own writing or in the literature of another, somehow you can surpass that. It draws it out of you like poison from a wound and then beckons you to fly! That is why we write. To send out a call to everyone else in the world away from the dangers we tripped over in our path, but at the same time to the dreams that came of them. Ah. There are no words that can really describe the feeling of what it means to write. It’s simply unbelievable the impact it has both on you and on those around you. It redesigns the planet and continues to do so as long as it is harbored like a treasure on at least one bookshelf on the earth.
        – Deanna ❤

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