The Fault in Our Stars – Mini Analysis.

Warning! This might be a bit of a spoiler so read the book or watch the movie first!

Dancing On The Keys

“I love you , Hazel Grace.

I know that it is just a shout into the void

and I know that oblivion is inevitable

and I am in love with you.”

– Augustus Waters.

Love is a simple theology really; basically you take your greatest fear and chase it with all your might and then you embrace it. Love is completely against typical human nature. People crave comfort and true love is anything, but comfortable. It is the most unsettling of actions because you release yourself completely and fight for it rather than against it.

For Augustus his greatest fear was oblivion – a lack of recognition – a plain existence. Hazel Grace was a personification of the terror at the base of his being. He knew that he would love her with every bit of his passion and that one day she would explode. He’d pour everything into her…

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