Jayne. You brought back with you the sense and the change you received from God in Peru. It permeated throughout all of Storm 2014 and changed the lives of the young people who attended – myself included.

This year we saw what you saw in Peru in a hot, stuffy church full or sweaty, happy, heartbroken, confused, adored, amazed teenagers. We saw that God was good in His forgiveness and in His plans.

We saw too that life is more than His goodness for us because in the end, though for us, it was always meant to flow back out of us into a hurt and dying world.

Remember when I told you that I wanted my tattoo to be a picture of beauty in the midst of calamity and a reminder that there is a savior in the midst of my humanity? Well I got that idea at the previous Storm conference. It was a feeling. It was a tender whisper when the night got dark – just for me. Now. After this Storm – after your trip to Peru, after meeting Celine and Rebecca and many, many others it is so much more.

It’s a shout into what the world would call the void. It is an arrow that I release and shoot into the heart of another being. It is an awakening from a sleep that leaves me empowered enough for battle. It is pillar topped by a sign that says –


Every previous Storm I saw God in a way that changed me and touched me and healed me, but this year – though I was changed and touched and healed – this Storm wasn’t for me.

It was for all the other faces in the crowds.

It was for those who don’t come to YX every Tuesday, but need to.

It was for those who don’t come to BCA because they live too far away, but through their connection to me will never be left without the power of God that I receive there.

Most of all it was for those who have loved God, but wandered off. They are those people who declare with either rage, or pain, or simple disregard that they will never step foot in a church again. They say it’s not their thing or that they’ve found something better. And because of what God did in me at the Storm they will find themselves in church again. They will find themselves in love with The Lord again.

My calling.

If it is the last thing I do they will be strong in the Lord. Sure footed soldiers. Discipled. Truth bearers. They will cease to be weak or confused or dismayed because like you were in Peru I will be the hands and feet of their adoring, forgiving, empowering Father.

It is a beautiful, peaceful existence to live with your Father who leads you to battle full of Hope for the world. We live in his abundance, but that is not why Jesus came to earth. Jesus came so that at the end of the book of Matthew he could tell his disciples, “to spread the good news and make disciples of all nations and I will be with you always even unto the end of the age. Amen.”

We as disciples become the discipling.

We as the changed become the revolutionaries.

We as a generation become generation builders.

And that is my mini post for the day. I love you Jayne. God bless you.

– Deanna ❤


Image I wish I knew where to begin. I’m so good at writing from the sifting through of my brain, but to capture a journey into other people’s little world, to explain how I saw what they see daily? I suppose I can always remember myself as the guest, honored to have been accepted.

There were crazy things, and beautiful things. Like how Peruvians drove and their car horns that literally honked musical choruses instead of “beeps”. Like the big brown eyes that melted me time and again with each baby I met. Like the street food that was so colorful and smelled so good but that we were never allowed to eat. 

A rush comes from speaking someones language back to them. I hope they felt special. Cause they made me feel special.

A high happens when I hop on a bus so full of people that no part of…

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