To Work or to Sleep?

Never fight the exhaustion.

You wont get anything done anyways.

That is what I am doing right now. I even did pilates to see if it would help me get going and it did long enough for me to do my bible study, but now I am still tired and reminded that I woke up with a headache and a neck ache.

I could turn on some tunes.

I could go for a quick walk outside.

I could sit here and keep trying to do the nearly brainless work of editing.

All of those things sound great, but will I actually get any of those things done? Moreover will I do any of them well?

Who knows?

I most certainly won’t figure out a meaningful blog post.

Or maybe this one will be a life lesson to you. Maybe I’ll come back later and write you a response post with what I did and how it turned out.


I think I’ll do that.

Should you fight the exhaustion to get the work done or should you hit the sack and come back?

That is my question for you.

It is now 9:45 am and I have returned to tell you the outcome of my exhausted early morning.

I turned up the tunes, and alternated between formatting and cleaning out my bedroom.

I fought through all the way until 8:38 am and then my body caught up to me and I was feeling completely nauseous so at that point I hit the hay again.

So in the end I actually did get a lot done this morning, but my body needed a bit more sleep to make it all the way through.

So what is the answer to the to work or to sleep question which I have posed for you today?

When you should be studying for that test, editing that work, cleaning that house, doing that laundry and you just can’t get your feet past a shuffle I would wholeheartedly tell you to head back to the bed.

Contrary to popular belief an extra hour of sleep isn’t going to kill your to do list – especially during the upcoming school year when all you have time to do is cram. Whether that extra hour come in the morning, in between classes or simply clocking out of your day early at the end of it I would highly recommend it!

Your brain, heart, lungs and soul function a whole lot better when they are on full brain power.

So to cut it short – my mom was right all along.

Sleep is good for the soul.

10 minutes wont kill you.

You can’t run on zero.

So during this school year when you feel yourself running on empty take the opportunity and give in. You’ll kick start your whole day when you wake up again. 🙂


Deanna. ❤



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