Summer 2014 is Dead.

So it’s two more weeks and then school starts back. You’re starting to get in your textbooks, you’re reorganizing your room and your desk, you’re preparing for your first day of classes and you’re having that one last spurt of summer fun before it all dissolves into the autumn air.

You might be experiencing fears, worries, or sadness, but I want to encourage you all to be excited.

Take the energy you got during the summer into your school year and into your classmates.

This summer was an interesting one for me.

Normally I would come out feeling as if I couldn’t be fuller, but this summer I think I really learned how to pour out.

I learned how to give and give and give even when I wasn’t being given back to. I learned to love and love and love even when they didn’t realize it. I learned to stand up and lead when it was scary. I learned that God alone must be my supply.

I can’t expect my leaders or my friends or my family to be the source of my joy and the source of my fulness. Only God can fill me, love me and lead me the way I need it exactly when I need it.

It’s not that the people around me don’t care about me because I am blessed to know how incredibly much they do, rather, it’s that there will always be a place in me that they cannot fill and if I am expecting them to fill it I will always be disappointed.

I think that is why so many people these days are lonely or feel as if they need another person (often times romantically) to be whole or happy.

That is a lie.

It is a lie that I fell into so many times. Maybe I didn’t go from boyfriend to boyfriend, but I wanted one extremely badly. I thought that was what I was missing. I thought that’s what I needed to end my loneliness.

The other day I was listening to Pastor Mark Driscol and he said, “God does not intend for you to be lonely. He didn’t create you for that. God created you to include you in the perfect connection of the trinity.”

That was so incredible to me. I knew that God loved me. I knew that Jesus saved me. I knew that the Holy Spirit guided me, but I had never really thought about what the trinity meant.

In the trinity there is perfect love between all three beings. There is perfect connection. There is perfect humility. In the trinity they work together in perfect harmony and now as Christians we get to be a part of that!

We take part in that perfect love – giving and receiving it. We are part of that perfect humility where God asks us to do something and we do it and we ask Him to do something and He does it. We are part of that perfect working harmony because God makes His will our will and we all carry out the great commission together – all the power of the trinity infused within us. God being above us has a will we can’t understand, Jesus lifts us up to hear the fathers plan and the Holy Spirit empowers us to move towards it and take part in it.

Finally we are part of that perfect connection. We are never alone. We are never worthless. That perfect connection shows us who we are, why we are here and how to spend our every thought and every moment.

So when you go back to school don’t think that it’s you against the world.

It’s not you against the world.

It’s you and God in the world.

How can we be lonely, or bored, or afraid when we finally see that and accept it?

Fear leaves when we see that perfect love and share it.

Boredom leaves when we see that perfect working harmony and join it.

Loneliness finally takes a hike and we can be happy even completely alone when we see that perfect trinity and our place engulfed by it.


Deanna ❤




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