Being a Fearless Writer and a Fearless You.

On August 22nd Rani Divine added my second post to her blog. Follow this link to read it and then I will use this post to show you how the fearless writing I talked about is also an allegory for fearless living.

“You were fearless in that 70 page, worn, tear stained notebook and now… you are being called to be fearless again. You are being called to dig up ghosts you never wanted to experience again. You are being forced to reveal a broken heart to the world.”

The fact is that we are all broken. We have broken hearts, lives, thoughts, beliefs and tendencies. When you look around a room full of people (strangers or friends) you are looking at a room of broken mirrors. When you look in the mirror of your heart you are seeing a broken reflection.

Why is that?

We were all created for the sole purpose of reflecting our father. Genesis 1:26 says that we were created in Gods image and in his likeness. Adam looked like God on the inside. He had attributes of God like perfect love, a perfect conscience and unlike us, he was a complete and unbroken person. When he ate the apple the characteristics of God were marred, but not destroyed. His mirror was cracked – and so was ours.

Why then as writers do we find ourselves with the desire to write if all we are doing is revealing our own brokenness? How can brokenness fix brokenness?

The fact is that it can’t, but by revealing what God is doing within us both in our writing and in our daily lives we reveal the only person who CAN fix our mirror.


Jesus came to heal the broken and when we write, speak, sing, walk around and look into his eyes that is exactly what he is doing.

Yes we may be broken, but we can be fearless in the fact that we are, moment by moment, healed by Jesus and that by the grace of our Father will be given everything we need to complete his purposes on earth.

“God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.”

I know I say this all the time, but the fact is that “doing life right” isn’t up to us because we are so broken that we can’t. It is up to our Savior who is fully perfect and already lived that perfect life in our stead.

So when you are walking through your everyday life (riding the train, in class, doing homework, eating dinner or writing in the wee hours of the morning) recall your purpose – reflect Jesus – live your calling – share the gospel – and finally be fearless!

– Deanna ❤

Just as a note: very soon Rani Divine will have a new post up that she wrote using a bit of my expertise all about how you dudes out there can pick up a writerly chick so be on the look out! The post will be a blast and I will be sharing it on my facebook page if you want to check it out there!



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