Guest Blogger – Stephanie!

Hello Everyone! Today we have a guest blogger who is very dear to my heart. Right now she lives in Florida – which is way to far away from New Mexico – but she is doing great things there. She is deeply involved in Journey Church and just got back from a missions trip to Mexico where she absolutely fell in love with all the kids. I cannot wait to see where else she will go and what else God will lead her to do for His kingdom. It is beautiful for me to watch my friends grow up around me and she is one of them so without further ado Stephanie’s post!


A Word Misunderstood:

“The number one question people are constantly pondering, studying, researching, asking, googling, reading about, and striving to find the answer to is: ” why are we here?” or, in other words, “what is the purpose of life?”. It is a question that has been attempted to be answered by millions of people in an infinite amount of ways. Each person may have a different answer. Some might say to be happy or to be successful or to have a family or to contribute something positive or to protect the environment or to make yourself and others happy. The list goes on and on.

As a Christian my first response to that question has always been “to reach the lost for Jesus.” – a noble cause. I always found that at the center. After all was that not Jesus’ last command to us? To go and make disciples of all nations. Therefore, as a good Christian, I could confidently say the purpose of my life was to tell people about Jesus, to point others to him. In my mind that was the purpose of every life. God gave people talents so they could use them to point others to Jesus.

The purpose of life is not to be successful because success will fade. The purpose of life is not to be happy because happiness is a fleeting emotion that can easily change. Not that these things aren’t a good part of life but rather that they are not at the center of life.

Recently I have found that the purpose of life is not to point people to Jesus. Here is where a righteous gasp would be allowed and an indignant “how dare you say we are not supposed to point people to Jesus!”

That is not what I am saying at all.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and all that is within them. He created man in his own likeness and from him he created woman. In the first couple chapters of the Bible we can see the purpose of life as God intended it. Before the fall of man and before sin came into the world, before people chose to forget God, before people needed to be saved and pointed to Jesus God had a purpose for our lives. Every day God met with Adam and Eve to walk and talk and laugh and have an intimate relationship with the people he loved.

The purpose of life is to be a lover; and not just a lover of anything but a lover of a Creator who loved us beyond any of our own capabilities before we could ever love him.

The word lover has been ruined by todays society – corrupted. The word itself would make me queasy and uncomfortable, feeling like I was intruding on something that was none of my concern. For a while all it meant to me was someone who had intimate relations with another – usually when they weren’t supposed to. It felt secretive and dirty to me and had little to no connotations of actual, real love.

Instead of explaining what a lover is not allow me to expound on what a lover is and how it fits into our purpose. A true lover is someone who stands in awe of another being. Nothing could compare to or satisfy like being in the presence of this being. Being a lover of our Creator is not something strange and uncomfortable: it is simply standing in awe of our Savior and losing our breath and losing our words. It is wanting to spend our life getting to know Him better, getting to spend time with the one who gave His life for us. It is us being satisfied that He is all we need. He is our everything. It is a love that realizes that He sacrificed himself for us and in return we willingly and lovingly do what he asks of us because we LOVE Him.

Life is, but a fleeting moment compared to eternity. It comes and goes and what we gained and accomplished in it will be forgotten and lost. So what is the purpose of life if at the end, when we are laying on our death beds, we cannot take anything with us and chances are in 100 years we will be no more than a name on a stone next to hundreds of stones that all look the same? Well to answer that you must look at the bigger picture: at eternity. For eternity we will spend our lives praising and worshipping a beautiful God. The one thing we can take with us when we die is our relationship with our Savior therefore our purpose in life is just to be a lover.

Naturally, when you are in love with God it affects the rest of your life. His love through you affects the people you meet, the way you act, they way you work, the things you do. Which in turn affects your happiness, your work, your success, your passions and desires, your family and friends, and everything else in life.

When God is at the center of not just your life but at the center of the entire essence of your being, when you focusing your love and adoration on him is at the center of every decision you make, of the words you say, of the relationships you have with others, of the work you do, and at the center of everything you are, THAT is when you know you have fulfilled life’s purpose. Because you are who God made you to be: His lover.

Sometimes I lay in awe and wonder of God and in these moments my heart swells till I feel like His love is going to make it burst. I cannot begin to fathom or wrap my head around a love so extravagant and so real. It shines through everything around me. All the things I take for granted and all the things I enjoy are strategically placed in my life as love letters from God. His handwriting is everywhere! Bleeding through my life as a pen bleeds through paper. His love seeps into my being and fills me with a joy that is incomparable.

Even in the hard times he leaves behind his beautiful handwriting. His hand is there guiding me. His arms are open to hug me and comfort me when my face is red and blotchy with tears. He knows. To have a lover that will never misunderstand you, will never let you down, will be there for you no matter what, and knows exactly how to make you smile: that is all anyone could ever ask for and it is already ours. It was ours before the world was made. What more could I ask for?

Words are frustrating because they can never convey the love of God fully. It is something you must experience for yourself to understand the full gravity of. My soul is bursting at the seams through these words trying to find a way to convey the complexity of a love that existed before words, of a love that invented languages. It is impossible. Sometimes it is best to just let yourself be wordless, speechless, and just let God be God.”

This spoke volumes to me.

In what ways do you and I need to just let God be God this school year?

Where must our worries cease and allow His hand?

Should I have more guest bloggers? Should I convince Steph to come back some time?

Please share in the comments!

God is faithful and you are utterly blessed.


Deanna and Stephanie ❤


Seven ways to Love Your Job – No Matter What it Is.

In these days many people are working in a company that they do not have a joy or a passion for. It may be that you are not making the money, getting the benefits or making the connections that you desire. You may feel like you are living a lifeless existence with all of your true dreams on hold.

This has always been a problem, but it is especially prominent during a time of financial crisis similar to the one currently in our country. This is because people are taking any job they can get their hands on.

Did you know that your minimum wage, twenty hours a week, no-need-for-brains job is not a waste of time? This job is much more than just the way you survive. It is a stepping stone to a much better job and can be very fulfilling.

Did you know that you could wake up every morning and look forward to going to work?

I worked at Subway for nearly a year and I can say that I came to thoroughly enjoying it. I found a passion for serving people quality sandwiches and blessing my coworkers. My coworkers became my crazy friends and I care deeply about each one of them. Even now that I have moved on I intend to keep in touch. I almost didn’t want to leave.

How did I come to that place?

There are seven ways that you can love your job – no matter what it is!

1. REALLY get to know your coworkers.


This means that you can’t just have “we talk only about work” conversations. You will be much happier and look forward to work much more if you have conversations about life outside of work and strive to be friends with them.

This is the first one because it made the biggest difference for me. When I avoided talking to my coworkers and just tried to make it through the shift I was miserable and felt attacked should they correct me or tease me. When I became their friend I understood their mannerisms and truly enjoyed their company.

2. Let yourself fall in love with your customers.

When your job is all about paying the bills it becomes difficult to love your work.

What is there to love about making sandwiches or busing tables?

Look at the people around you. Make it about serving your customers. Make it about getting them to smile, putting them at ease and welcoming them to your home. When you go into work think to yourself, “Today I get to bless other people and be a bright spot in their day.” This will work wonders for your mindset and your boss will find it invaluable.

3. Don’t let criticism define you.

When your boss or your coworkers critic your work your natural response is to defend yourself and your way of doing things.  It isn’t natural for us to just concede to another persons opinion, especially if they have worked there for less time than you. If someone critics you and you don’t find their criticism valid, you don’t have to say so. Just nod, say okay and go on with your day. Criticism doesn’t define you. Don’t worry about it.

4. Don’t join in on workplace gossip.

It is never fun to have to be one way with one person and another way with another person. When the conversation turns to gossip don’t take sides. Your coworkers and your boss will respect you for that and it takes the tension off of you that would have been there had you said something that you wouldn’t want someone else to hear. Remember if they talk about what other people say they will talk about what you say.

5. Have self respect.

When you go into work go as your best self. Put on your make up, get enough sleep, be sober and prepared for the day. Not only will it help you enjoy your day more and increase your confidence, but it will also aid the face of your business and you will be an incredible asset to your company. It feels good to know that you are needed.



Even on the worst of days, during the rushes, when you get lectured or when your personal life is difficult take the time to have a legitimate smile for everyone around you. People gravitate towards joyful people so find small things, words or moments to smile about.

7. Quit.

I am not telling you to take the easy way out, but rather to treat this job as a stepping stone to success. When you go to work with a passion and do your best every day you are sure to get a good referral from your boss and your coworkers. Furthermore when you treat every situation as a grounds to better yourself nothing you do will feel like wasted time.

Using these tips I found that Subway was an important part of my life. I came to know the faces and adore each one of them. Subway taught me a great deal about being a valuable employee, about serving and about loving people.

I will always remember my time at Subway and how I came out a more mature, mission oriented individual.


Deanna ❤

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Guilt Kills, Love Heals.

Guilt has got to be the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.

As a perfectionist it attacks me at random moments and over the stupidest things. And it’s not just a momentary flash or like my conscious reminding me not to do something. It is total condemnation. It makes me feel like a horrible human being, like I am not good enough to be a light and like I am unlovable.

Worst of all it makes me feel like there is no chance of escape.

Beyond that it clings to me for far too long. And it’s stupid because I know none of the things I am thinking are true with Jesus Christ as my mighty, faithful Savior.

Guilt – whether it’s something I said, something I did or something I thought – immobilizes me.

It makes me absolutely unable to be happy. It makes me afraid of the future and afraid of each moment. It taunts me with the possibility of messing up yet again. It makes me hide and it stops me from doing anything worthwhile whilst it remains inside me.

Is all this leading up to telling me how to get rid of guilt? – you ask.

I honestly don’t know how to get rid of guilt. It sticks to me like glue. My personality is prone to it and as a thinker and a writer I analyze it.

I was going to write something fun about where I want to travel now that I am an adult, but I just couldn’t bring myself to it. I am sitting here, right now, trying to figure out the answer to that question and I’ve realized something terrifying.

Maybe it’s just one of those questions I will never know the answer to – or maybe I won’t know it for a good while yet.

It’s like asking why bad things happen when God is good and whether or not the man you marry is really the right one. I guess you never know until you live through it. Or maybe you just never learn those kind of answers. Maybe our human minds just aren’t big enough to handle all that that entails.

Life is full of twists and turns and I hate that. I don’t like not knowing the plan. I don’t like being confused or unsure or not having an answer to a burning question. I despise it. I absolutely despise it.

So of course God decides to have a sense of humor.

He answers my questions only the moment I need them – like not a second too soon situations. His constant response to all my prayers and all the passages in the bible that he highlights for me tell me to wait on Him.

In fact, at Storm Student Conference this year He really convicted me about the state of my heart. He showed me that while, yes, I was giving Him my time and my voice I was not giving Him my heart, my desires or my emotions.

He called me to let Him have my biggest dream (to get married) and not just to let Him do what He will when He will, but to forget about it until He makes a move!


Gosh! What is He thinking?

Golly Bob it, you guys! How am I – the romantic, the matchmaker, the woman who wants nothing more than to be a wife and mother – supposed take a back seat so far back that I cant even see the stage of my own love story? (You know I am really asking so if you have insight that would be wonderful. ;))

I was feeling pretty good about the progress God and I were making on this until yesterday.

Yesterday was like an explosion of “well crap, today sucked.”

Actually the day was pretty great. How distracted I allowed myself to be and how I decided to spend my time? Not so much.

So now it is Wednesday night and I am thousands of words behind on my newest book, I have wasted opportunities to share God with my fellow Christians and I have allowed myself to fall into the depth of despair with loving this guy again.

I love him, but it really sucks, ya know?

I guess what I am trying to figure out is how to do what God would have me do in this time and still be the woman He created – myself, but focused.

I know my mission, I know I have other dreams besides getting married and I know God loves me so I am fabulously excited, but at the same time there is that nag in the back of my head that reminds me how stupid I have been for at least the past two years if not the past four when it comes to guarding my heart and keeping it sacred for my Father in Heaven.

I feel like a fool and I don’t know how to get over it. Guilt is making me feel empty after all I have gone through in this area. I look back over the past four years and I hear in my head, “wasted time”, while my heart shows me all the fruit that has grown up in me because of it.

I have learned so much during this time, you guys, and I hope you can take my honesty and my idiocy and grow from it. That is the point, right?

This is my random me quote of the season – the stupid love – is – in – the – air summer season – “Life is a great big, stupid, beautiful adventure.”

Well guys, I hope you take that and fly with it. I hope you don’t make the love mistakes I have made (quick hint – its not just the hands you must watch, it’s the heart.) I hope all of you will go out into the rest of your lives and do something giant for God that blows your mind! Be strong and of good courage. Don’t quit and most of all when you screw up every single thing in your life remember: God is bigger than it all.

I think that is the only way we can get past the guilt when it hits. Remember how big God is compared, how good He is to save and then get up and do what you were meant to be doing all along.

Don’t waste another second, okay?

I’m not.


Deanna ❤

Storm 2014 Series Kick Off!

Every year I try to pen what the Spirit of God revealed to me at Storm. I do that because I want you all to see Him the way I do; so that I won’t ever, ever – not in a million years – forget what He did there; so that I will never misplace who He is and who that makes me.

Every year I have had a different experience.

The first year (2011) God gave me the word Compassion. He told me it was meant to use up my whole life and no matter what career route I may one day take Compassion must always be at the forefront of my selection. Back then I was so worried about who I would become, where I would go to college and what classes I would require.

Well, today I was sitting in a Hokona hallway. Today was my second day of orientation. Yesterday I chose the English-Philosophy double major. Yesterday I planned the classes I had stressed so much over and I realized the stress wasn’t worth it.

It doesn’t matter what I do to serve when I love Christ because he has consistently shown me that He is the only thing that genuinely matters.

My dear friend Jayne once told me, “Wherever God goes you will follow and wherever you go – there He is.”

So from 2011 to 2014 I can say that what God said to me was true. Compassion is still my calling and otherwise all that matters is His grace and fidelity. When I am small He is nevertheless a big God.

In 2012 I SAW God for the very first time! I felt as if I could never be loved, like I was too impure and too imperfect, but then God picked me up, took me in his arms and said, “All I want is you.”

From 2012 to 2014 I have found God absolutely worthy of my commitment and absolutely faithful in his pardon. Everyday I see His beauty consuming my calamity and His salvation consuming my humanity and I couldn’t ask for a better trade. It really is a beautiful exchange and now He fully has my heart.

In 2013 God called me to remember his bigness.

He said stop worrying, I’m bigger.

He said stop striving, I’m bigger.

He said lay off trying to burst your own chains, I’m bigger.

He said stop trying to figure it all out alone, I’m bigger.

From 2013 to 2014 I have grappled with giving God full control of my dreams and my affection. After this year I can say there is no part I am not steadily giving to Him.  He has my thoughts, my words, my actions, my dreams and most of all my desire for marriage. I need not seek out what he bears in His hand. I have not the strength to carry it.

Now in 2014 I realized the deepest aspect of God that I had ever experienced.

I went into Storm not sure of what I wanted to meet, understand or see of God. That had never happened before and so I knew nothing else to do, but pray for what my leaders were praying for. That prayer was for every student to meet God right where they are. I really focused in on the Students that were new and had never come to The Storm before. I prayed for new people to meet God for the first time, to truly see Him like I did in 2012, to dedicate their lives to Him. I got all that and more!

Unknown to me the spirit that God desired me to take from Storm 2014 was the spirit of His REACH.

That is my word to pair with compassion.

I am meant to “go unto all the world and preach the good news, to make disciples of all nations”.

This year I realized that the Storm is not about me, but about the people around me.

It’s about discipling my peers and those younger than me. It is about learning from and encouraging those older than me. It is about generation connections and generation building because when we are firm on the inside we can extend out and effect the world God loves.

Storm empowered me to remain in touch with the friends I made at Storm, to check in, pray with them and believe in them.

Storm empowered me to get into my writing with an even greater vengeance. We only have so long to be His witness.

Storm empowered me to become involved in The Forgotten Foundation and other community service opportunities.

Storm empowered me to take the focus off of my to do list and on to the people that matter.

Most of all Storm empowered me to stand up as a Light of Christ on my UNM campus.

God picked me up and made UNM my mission for the following four years.

He plucked me up and said, go heal the broken.

He emblazoned Joy, Compassion, Wisdom, and Grace upon my brow, calling everyone like moths to His flame.

He consumed me.

So going into orientation I prayed that he would use me somehow to change a life. I didn’t know what to expect, but it became so much bigger than I had anticipated.

All of the incoming freshmen from session 6 were gathered together for a lecture about the diversity of people on the UNM campus.

The speaker showed us a video about some people who created parties in which one would dress up in gardener clothes or janitorial wear with the names Pablo or Juan on their name tags. These parties were full of racial slurs and derogatory language specifically against the Latino community. There were other parties featured that had a bias against other racial minorities.

The speaker moved on to ask us questions concerning the substance of the video or any other such matters (the judgment against LGT community for example). One of the questions asked WHY do people behave in such a hurtful manner towards certain groups and I had the opportunity to speak up.

I brought up the issue that I believe everyone was thinking about.

Why do people of religion cause so many prejudices?

From African American Segregation to The Protests Against Same Sex Marriage Christians have propagated hundreds of discriminations against other races, choices and beliefs.

I said, “Honestly, one of the biggest reasons for bigotry is religious morals. The problem is that Christian people who behave in a mean way towards certain groups don’t understand the profundity of God’s passion for us. They don’t realize that God loves every single person the same. He takes each of us exactly as we are. Hence even though I don’t accord with everyone and I deliver my own morals, I find it infinitely sad that people are judged by Christians because God has adoration for the very person that they are judging.”

Obviously I didn’t phrase it that well, but that is it in a prettier nutshell.

I was so terrified that I would have a ton of people jump up and rebuke me for my beliefs in Jesus Christ, but everyone cheered! Even the speaker thanked me for being so “eloquent and truthful”.

I have been approached by multiple people since then who told me that they loved what I said! I even met one Christian woman who stated that she was so proud of me  and that meant the world.

It reads in Luke 1:17 that God will go before me and He proved it to me that day. I am already known as the young woman who spoke up at orientation and the girl who remains firm for what she believes in. I couldn’t ask for a better way to come into my freshman year. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to my impact.

I was able to show the love of Christ despite what those around me may have thought of Him before. I was able to counter the confusion many Christians may of caused concerning God’s character. The Freshmen came in with one opinion of His acceptance and were able – by God’s grace – to leave with another. I am sure within my spirit that God changed someone’s life because of my words and I am so blessed to know that.

Beyond that God guided my writing and it has taken off among my peers! I was given the opportunity to share about my novella, The Home of Our Hearts, in a smaller lecture and many people now know about my Facebook page, my blogs and my books. They are all so excited to read what I have to say.

I feel so honored to know that God loves me in that way. That he cares about my dreams enough to establish them in a new place like He did today.

I have become a great light, a REACH, a COMPASSION in the lives of the Lobos and it wasn’t because of me. It was because God is continuously good, faithful and marvelous.

He has turned my world upside down and I know He will do so every single day.

I have endless possibilities.

Endless grace.

Endless favor.

And endless reach – so do you!

It’s all because God is so so so good.

– Deanna ❤

The God With You in Sadness.

I know there are many out there tonight sitting up missing someone who has left this earth. Whether that be your mom, dad, aunt, grandparent, friend or spouse. Whomever has left you with a treasure trove of memories within you, but is no longer present to make more with you. God wants to remind you that He is with you tonight. I have a prayer that I want to share with you. Believe it and accept it,

“Jesus in Isaiah 61 a prophetic word of you says that you came to heal the broken hearted and bring back those who are full of sorrow. You promised a sufficient balm for the wounded hearts and a garment of praise for those who are mourning. You promised beauty for ashes. You promised to bring glory and honor to those who trust you in the midst of painful trials. You said, “They will be like trees of righteousness, planted by the Lord for his glory”. In Isaiah 46 it says, “even to old age I am He and even unto grey hairs I will carry you. I have made and I will bear. Even I will carry and I will deliver you.” You promised to be with them through it all. I declare Isaiah 61 and Isaiah 46:3-4 over all who have lost someone to death in Jesus name! They all will arise from this pain brighter for the world to see and more full of trust in God than they ever were before. We are deeply loved and graced by God and we know that those who are hurting have been graced for this time in their life. Gods grace is always sufficient. No matter how big the hurt Your grace will always heal it Lord God. Thank you Jesus for your salvation and all you do for us now and for eternity in Jesus name Amen.”

As a Christian (which makes you an heir with Christ and a rightful recipient of all the promises of God) you have – right now – all those promises I shared above. Everything God says in His word concerning His children is yours. He is calling to you gently out of your pain and into His arms. Rest in Him. Trust Him. And take time now to adore Him. He has graced you. Nothing is too heavy or too much for you because He will bear it all for you if you will only allow Him to. He adores you. Everyone of you are precious to Him. Seek Him out. Know His comfort and His ways. Take the time to listen and hear His voice. Soften your heart to Him. Allow Him in. Do not shut Him out and do not despair.

If you are not a Christian today. If you don’t know the hope I write of or that the song sings about then I would encourage you to do the searching you need to see who God is. To discover the truth of the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and His eternal love for you. He is waiting for you with arms open. I would recommend you read the bible, the book More Than a Carpenter and look at Jesus from all sides. God wants you to decide for yourself what is true. He said in the Bible, “I lay before you life and death”. My dear friend, you get to choose. Just know that despite all the wrongs you’ve done or the hurt you are harboring God doesn’t love you any more or any less than anyone else. You are not a hopeless cause to Him. He adores you and He is waiting for you to accept His love, comfort and most of all His free gift of salvation. He has waited for you since before the dawn of time and He’ll never stop waiting.

When you have decided with conviction and joy to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior please pray the following prayer,

“Dear Jesus.

Thank you for coming from heaven. Thank you for your miracle birth through the virgin Mary and your life of love that I can always look to when I am confused or hurting. Thank you most of all for never giving up on me and loving me enough to die on the cross for my sins. God thank you so so so much for forgiving me. Lord come into my life. Heal my spirit and give me rightstanding with you. I thank you that I am already cleansed by you! Thank you for becoming my Lord, My comforter and My guiding Hand. I love you Lord In Jesus Name Amen.”



(Ps. I am always here for my readers. Please leave a comment if you would like to talk or contact me at I love you all dearly and always have time for you. God bless you <3)

James Chapter One and The Timing Non-Issue.

Read all of James chapter one. Yeah right now. That’s it: go. Go grab up your bible. Open it up to James chapter one and read. Im serious don’t continue on if you haven’t read it yet. Its important.

In James chapter one God has many things He wants to communicate and your general impression of the chapter will be different than anybody elses because your personality, your relationship with God and your life circumstances are different than anybody elses.

BUT this morning God is trying to say something very specific to all of us: TRUST ME.

This is what God said to me this morning as I read it.

“Simply trust me. When you trust me you will have patience and joy in waiting for the vision I have given you. You will be able to joyfully wait for your being able to say that you have reached the place of being, “Perfect and entire, lacking nothing.” Then I say if you have no vision, or you cannot recall it ask me about it. BUT don’t fret over receiving an instant answer. Please stop fretting over the doing of it. That is the opposite of faith, that is the opposite of what will bring it about. Just rejoice because I DO IT. Please endure in patience and joy until the day it comes – because it will come. “What I say I will do and what I proclaim I will bring to pass.” – paraphrase of a verse in Isaiah 46. Don’t let lust cause you to grab up my promise or my vision before its time. That will only result in sin and death. WAIT ON ME. I WILL give you what I promised. Hear Me. But don’t go around yelling and frenzied to complete it. You don’t have to rush it. Don’t get angry if it doesn’t come right away or when you planned it to. Don’t get mad if you grow into it slowly. Simply receive what I have said and trust me in it. TRUST ME in both the doing and the getting you there. Obey me in every part of your life. Look in my word and follow me. If you don’t obey nothing can come to you. Without living my way you will never become strong enough in faith to receive it. Learn from me and make your burden easy. Following me is not about what I promise you and when you get it, its not even about how well you hear me speak. NO! Following me is about living like I did and doing all I do. Its about lifting the lost up into the arms of the father. The blessings simply come along the way. Don’t fret over the extras.” -God

Also check out the last couple weeks of the believers voice of victory broadcasts with Jeremy Pearsons. Im sure they will bless you.


Deanna ❤

Seeking His Face…

Sorry I didnt post anything the last couple days. Tuesdays are really busy at my house especially yesterday it being the second day back to school and all. And yesterday I wasnt feeling well. Chruch on tuesday night was amzing and I almost cried numorous times! The geust speaker was speaking all about prayer and faith. “Faith is the precence of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” This is something we all know: HOPE is a future speaking word! When you say “I hope something” you are speaking to what you want for the future. (Example: I HOPE i get a passing grade on this test. I HOPE to be able to run a mile by the end of this year, ect, ect.) You never say “I hope we have milk.” as you are pouring the milk in your cereal! You dont say that because you already have the milk so you dont need to hope that when you open the fridge it will be there. That is what faith is. Faith is the precence of future things/needs being met and the evidence of what you cant yet see. Meaning, When you have faith you know that what you hope for (aka future things and needs) will be met. You know the milk is in the fridge and all you have to do is open the fridge! That in itself is a powerful statement! But here comes another one Ive realized. Sometimes it not time to open the fridge. Sometimes you dont need the milk yet! What I mean is this: Although I would still like to have the answers I had asked for I dont need the answers I just want the one who has the answers! I want the fridge! I want Jesus! He will keep the milk good for me until I need it! And when I need it it will be there ready to be used. I dont need to worry about having the answers or having my needs met because they already are. They are in the fridge waiting for me to 1. be ready for them and 2. open the fridge! Yes I know. Its harder than I am making it sound, but thats because we’re human. Our flesh is weak and has the “I want it NOW!” attitude, we need to feed our spirits (through reading of the word and prayer) and starve our flesh ( by saying no to it. I am not speaking of our body I am speaking of our carnal ways,but a good way to train yourself to say no to your flesh when it wants sin is to say no to your body when it wants food so fasting is a very helpful tool! Just make sure you are doing it in a healthy way :)). I just want Jesus. I want to do his will! I dont care when the questions get anwsered! I just want to be with my savior! I want to see his face! I want to make him glad! I want his face not just his hand! You know what I mean? I want to see the ESSENCE of Jesus, not just the ANWSERS of Jesus. I want to walk with Him all the days of my life! I want to be His lover and helper! I want Him and His ways!


“Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well!”

God bless you all and may you see more of His FACE and his HAND everyday ❤

Love Deanna,

P.S: Please pray for my family my church and me, Ive noticed signs of colds. Thanks 🙂