Seven ways to Love Your Job – No Matter What it Is.

In these days many people are working in a company that they do not have a joy or a passion for. It may be that you are not making the money, getting the benefits or making the connections that you desire. You may feel like you are living a lifeless existence with all of your true dreams on hold.

This has always been a problem, but it is especially prominent during a time of financial crisis similar to the one currently in our country. This is because people are taking any job they can get their hands on.

Did you know that your minimum wage, twenty hours a week, no-need-for-brains job is not a waste of time? This job is much more than just the way you survive. It is a stepping stone to a much better job and can be very fulfilling.

Did you know that you could wake up every morning and look forward to going to work?

I worked at Subway for nearly a year and I can say that I came to thoroughly enjoying it. I found a passion for serving people quality sandwiches and blessing my coworkers. My coworkers became my crazy friends and I care deeply about each one of them. Even now that I have moved on I intend to keep in touch. I almost didn’t want to leave.

How did I come to that place?

There are seven ways that you can love your job – no matter what it is!

1. REALLY get to know your coworkers.


This means that you can’t just have “we talk only about work” conversations. You will be much happier and look forward to work much more if you have conversations about life outside of work and strive to be friends with them.

This is the first one because it made the biggest difference for me. When I avoided talking to my coworkers and just tried to make it through the shift I was miserable and felt attacked should they correct me or tease me. When I became their friend I understood their mannerisms and truly enjoyed their company.

2. Let yourself fall in love with your customers.

When your job is all about paying the bills it becomes difficult to love your work.

What is there to love about making sandwiches or busing tables?

Look at the people around you. Make it about serving your customers. Make it about getting them to smile, putting them at ease and welcoming them to your home. When you go into work think to yourself, “Today I get to bless other people and be a bright spot in their day.” This will work wonders for your mindset and your boss will find it invaluable.

3. Don’t let criticism define you.

When your boss or your coworkers critic your work your natural response is to defend yourself and your way of doing things.  It isn’t natural for us to just concede to another persons opinion, especially if they have worked there for less time than you. If someone critics you and you don’t find their criticism valid, you don’t have to say so. Just nod, say okay and go on with your day. Criticism doesn’t define you. Don’t worry about it.

4. Don’t join in on workplace gossip.

It is never fun to have to be one way with one person and another way with another person. When the conversation turns to gossip don’t take sides. Your coworkers and your boss will respect you for that and it takes the tension off of you that would have been there had you said something that you wouldn’t want someone else to hear. Remember if they talk about what other people say they will talk about what you say.

5. Have self respect.

When you go into work go as your best self. Put on your make up, get enough sleep, be sober and prepared for the day. Not only will it help you enjoy your day more and increase your confidence, but it will also aid the face of your business and you will be an incredible asset to your company. It feels good to know that you are needed.



Even on the worst of days, during the rushes, when you get lectured or when your personal life is difficult take the time to have a legitimate smile for everyone around you. People gravitate towards joyful people so find small things, words or moments to smile about.

7. Quit.

I am not telling you to take the easy way out, but rather to treat this job as a stepping stone to success. When you go to work with a passion and do your best every day you are sure to get a good referral from your boss and your coworkers. Furthermore when you treat every situation as a grounds to better yourself nothing you do will feel like wasted time.

Using these tips I found that Subway was an important part of my life. I came to know the faces and adore each one of them. Subway taught me a great deal about being a valuable employee, about serving and about loving people.

I will always remember my time at Subway and how I came out a more mature, mission oriented individual.


Deanna ❤

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Summer 2014 is Dead.

So it’s two more weeks and then school starts back. You’re starting to get in your textbooks, you’re reorganizing your room and your desk, you’re preparing for your first day of classes and you’re having that one last spurt of summer fun before it all dissolves into the autumn air.

You might be experiencing fears, worries, or sadness, but I want to encourage you all to be excited.

Take the energy you got during the summer into your school year and into your classmates.

This summer was an interesting one for me.

Normally I would come out feeling as if I couldn’t be fuller, but this summer I think I really learned how to pour out.

I learned how to give and give and give even when I wasn’t being given back to. I learned to love and love and love even when they didn’t realize it. I learned to stand up and lead when it was scary. I learned that God alone must be my supply.

I can’t expect my leaders or my friends or my family to be the source of my joy and the source of my fulness. Only God can fill me, love me and lead me the way I need it exactly when I need it.

It’s not that the people around me don’t care about me because I am blessed to know how incredibly much they do, rather, it’s that there will always be a place in me that they cannot fill and if I am expecting them to fill it I will always be disappointed.

I think that is why so many people these days are lonely or feel as if they need another person (often times romantically) to be whole or happy.

That is a lie.

It is a lie that I fell into so many times. Maybe I didn’t go from boyfriend to boyfriend, but I wanted one extremely badly. I thought that was what I was missing. I thought that’s what I needed to end my loneliness.

The other day I was listening to Pastor Mark Driscol and he said, “God does not intend for you to be lonely. He didn’t create you for that. God created you to include you in the perfect connection of the trinity.”

That was so incredible to me. I knew that God loved me. I knew that Jesus saved me. I knew that the Holy Spirit guided me, but I had never really thought about what the trinity meant.

In the trinity there is perfect love between all three beings. There is perfect connection. There is perfect humility. In the trinity they work together in perfect harmony and now as Christians we get to be a part of that!

We take part in that perfect love – giving and receiving it. We are part of that perfect humility where God asks us to do something and we do it and we ask Him to do something and He does it. We are part of that perfect working harmony because God makes His will our will and we all carry out the great commission together – all the power of the trinity infused within us. God being above us has a will we can’t understand, Jesus lifts us up to hear the fathers plan and the Holy Spirit empowers us to move towards it and take part in it.

Finally we are part of that perfect connection. We are never alone. We are never worthless. That perfect connection shows us who we are, why we are here and how to spend our every thought and every moment.

So when you go back to school don’t think that it’s you against the world.

It’s not you against the world.

It’s you and God in the world.

How can we be lonely, or bored, or afraid when we finally see that and accept it?

Fear leaves when we see that perfect love and share it.

Boredom leaves when we see that perfect working harmony and join it.

Loneliness finally takes a hike and we can be happy even completely alone when we see that perfect trinity and our place engulfed by it.


Deanna ❤



To Work or to Sleep?

Never fight the exhaustion.

You wont get anything done anyways.

That is what I am doing right now. I even did pilates to see if it would help me get going and it did long enough for me to do my bible study, but now I am still tired and reminded that I woke up with a headache and a neck ache.

I could turn on some tunes.

I could go for a quick walk outside.

I could sit here and keep trying to do the nearly brainless work of editing.

All of those things sound great, but will I actually get any of those things done? Moreover will I do any of them well?

Who knows?

I most certainly won’t figure out a meaningful blog post.

Or maybe this one will be a life lesson to you. Maybe I’ll come back later and write you a response post with what I did and how it turned out.


I think I’ll do that.

Should you fight the exhaustion to get the work done or should you hit the sack and come back?

That is my question for you.

It is now 9:45 am and I have returned to tell you the outcome of my exhausted early morning.

I turned up the tunes, and alternated between formatting and cleaning out my bedroom.

I fought through all the way until 8:38 am and then my body caught up to me and I was feeling completely nauseous so at that point I hit the hay again.

So in the end I actually did get a lot done this morning, but my body needed a bit more sleep to make it all the way through.

So what is the answer to the to work or to sleep question which I have posed for you today?

When you should be studying for that test, editing that work, cleaning that house, doing that laundry and you just can’t get your feet past a shuffle I would wholeheartedly tell you to head back to the bed.

Contrary to popular belief an extra hour of sleep isn’t going to kill your to do list – especially during the upcoming school year when all you have time to do is cram. Whether that extra hour come in the morning, in between classes or simply clocking out of your day early at the end of it I would highly recommend it!

Your brain, heart, lungs and soul function a whole lot better when they are on full brain power.

So to cut it short – my mom was right all along.

Sleep is good for the soul.

10 minutes wont kill you.

You can’t run on zero.

So during this school year when you feel yourself running on empty take the opportunity and give in. You’ll kick start your whole day when you wake up again. 🙂


Deanna. ❤


God is so Big.

This year God has really been impressing upon me His bigness.

He made the heavens and the earth.

He set the stars in their place and whispered to the waves their gentle beat.

He created me, and you, and everyone and created us all for our certain time. He made us revolutionaries.

He sent His Son who died for our sins.

He gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us.

He loves us and accepts us.

He is sure in His promises to us.

He plans for us.

He graces us.

He provides for us and takes care of the very depths of our hearts.

He knows the hairs on our heads.

He created the morning and causes it to burst forth with a new Grace.

He created the night and is our lamp within it.

He knows the creatures in the depths of the sea. He set them there and is sure of all of their ways.

He has seen the gates of death and indeed He has overcome them.

He knows the height and depth and length and breadth of all things. From the universe to your heart.

He keeps the snow and hail in his treasury.

He knows how light is defused.

He knows how to scatter the winds over all the earth.

He is the owner of the thunder and of the lightening.

In all those ways God is big.

That in and of itself is the most amazing thing that I could have imagined.

But God goes above and beyond our expectations.

In Job 38:25-27  it says that He is the one “Who has divided a channel for the overflowing water… To cause it to rain on a land where there is no one, a wilderness in which there is no man; to satisfy the desolate waste.”

God is so big that even after having blessed us so immensely, even after caring for the needs of the universe and the requirements of the animals He even cares for the places that nobody lives in or thinks they need. He loves us and His earth so much that even if no one lives in that desert he waters it and prepares it for the people that someday will. He drenches the whole world in water and just as he does that with the earth He does that with us. He drenches us all in His love equally. He causes His love to rain down on the righteous and the unrighteous.

Even if you are far.

Even if you are desolate and no one cares about you God is still big.

God is still watering you in His love.

God still adores you.

God still wants to use you.

That is the big God we serve.

He seeks out the desolate places to water them.

He seeks out the lost to find them.

He seeks out the sick to heal them.

Whatever you are going through remember that God is most definitely bigger.

Guilt Kills, Love Heals.

Guilt has got to be the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.

As a perfectionist it attacks me at random moments and over the stupidest things. And it’s not just a momentary flash or like my conscious reminding me not to do something. It is total condemnation. It makes me feel like a horrible human being, like I am not good enough to be a light and like I am unlovable.

Worst of all it makes me feel like there is no chance of escape.

Beyond that it clings to me for far too long. And it’s stupid because I know none of the things I am thinking are true with Jesus Christ as my mighty, faithful Savior.

Guilt – whether it’s something I said, something I did or something I thought – immobilizes me.

It makes me absolutely unable to be happy. It makes me afraid of the future and afraid of each moment. It taunts me with the possibility of messing up yet again. It makes me hide and it stops me from doing anything worthwhile whilst it remains inside me.

Is all this leading up to telling me how to get rid of guilt? – you ask.

I honestly don’t know how to get rid of guilt. It sticks to me like glue. My personality is prone to it and as a thinker and a writer I analyze it.

I was going to write something fun about where I want to travel now that I am an adult, but I just couldn’t bring myself to it. I am sitting here, right now, trying to figure out the answer to that question and I’ve realized something terrifying.

Maybe it’s just one of those questions I will never know the answer to – or maybe I won’t know it for a good while yet.

It’s like asking why bad things happen when God is good and whether or not the man you marry is really the right one. I guess you never know until you live through it. Or maybe you just never learn those kind of answers. Maybe our human minds just aren’t big enough to handle all that that entails.

Life is full of twists and turns and I hate that. I don’t like not knowing the plan. I don’t like being confused or unsure or not having an answer to a burning question. I despise it. I absolutely despise it.

So of course God decides to have a sense of humor.

He answers my questions only the moment I need them – like not a second too soon situations. His constant response to all my prayers and all the passages in the bible that he highlights for me tell me to wait on Him.

In fact, at Storm Student Conference this year He really convicted me about the state of my heart. He showed me that while, yes, I was giving Him my time and my voice I was not giving Him my heart, my desires or my emotions.

He called me to let Him have my biggest dream (to get married) and not just to let Him do what He will when He will, but to forget about it until He makes a move!


Gosh! What is He thinking?

Golly Bob it, you guys! How am I – the romantic, the matchmaker, the woman who wants nothing more than to be a wife and mother – supposed take a back seat so far back that I cant even see the stage of my own love story? (You know I am really asking so if you have insight that would be wonderful. ;))

I was feeling pretty good about the progress God and I were making on this until yesterday.

Yesterday was like an explosion of “well crap, today sucked.”

Actually the day was pretty great. How distracted I allowed myself to be and how I decided to spend my time? Not so much.

So now it is Wednesday night and I am thousands of words behind on my newest book, I have wasted opportunities to share God with my fellow Christians and I have allowed myself to fall into the depth of despair with loving this guy again.

I love him, but it really sucks, ya know?

I guess what I am trying to figure out is how to do what God would have me do in this time and still be the woman He created – myself, but focused.

I know my mission, I know I have other dreams besides getting married and I know God loves me so I am fabulously excited, but at the same time there is that nag in the back of my head that reminds me how stupid I have been for at least the past two years if not the past four when it comes to guarding my heart and keeping it sacred for my Father in Heaven.

I feel like a fool and I don’t know how to get over it. Guilt is making me feel empty after all I have gone through in this area. I look back over the past four years and I hear in my head, “wasted time”, while my heart shows me all the fruit that has grown up in me because of it.

I have learned so much during this time, you guys, and I hope you can take my honesty and my idiocy and grow from it. That is the point, right?

This is my random me quote of the season – the stupid love – is – in – the – air summer season – “Life is a great big, stupid, beautiful adventure.”

Well guys, I hope you take that and fly with it. I hope you don’t make the love mistakes I have made (quick hint – its not just the hands you must watch, it’s the heart.) I hope all of you will go out into the rest of your lives and do something giant for God that blows your mind! Be strong and of good courage. Don’t quit and most of all when you screw up every single thing in your life remember: God is bigger than it all.

I think that is the only way we can get past the guilt when it hits. Remember how big God is compared, how good He is to save and then get up and do what you were meant to be doing all along.

Don’t waste another second, okay?

I’m not.


Deanna ❤

Storm 2014 Series Kick Off!

Every year I try to pen what the Spirit of God revealed to me at Storm. I do that because I want you all to see Him the way I do; so that I won’t ever, ever – not in a million years – forget what He did there; so that I will never misplace who He is and who that makes me.

Every year I have had a different experience.

The first year (2011) God gave me the word Compassion. He told me it was meant to use up my whole life and no matter what career route I may one day take Compassion must always be at the forefront of my selection. Back then I was so worried about who I would become, where I would go to college and what classes I would require.

Well, today I was sitting in a Hokona hallway. Today was my second day of orientation. Yesterday I chose the English-Philosophy double major. Yesterday I planned the classes I had stressed so much over and I realized the stress wasn’t worth it.

It doesn’t matter what I do to serve when I love Christ because he has consistently shown me that He is the only thing that genuinely matters.

My dear friend Jayne once told me, “Wherever God goes you will follow and wherever you go – there He is.”

So from 2011 to 2014 I can say that what God said to me was true. Compassion is still my calling and otherwise all that matters is His grace and fidelity. When I am small He is nevertheless a big God.

In 2012 I SAW God for the very first time! I felt as if I could never be loved, like I was too impure and too imperfect, but then God picked me up, took me in his arms and said, “All I want is you.”

From 2012 to 2014 I have found God absolutely worthy of my commitment and absolutely faithful in his pardon. Everyday I see His beauty consuming my calamity and His salvation consuming my humanity and I couldn’t ask for a better trade. It really is a beautiful exchange and now He fully has my heart.

In 2013 God called me to remember his bigness.

He said stop worrying, I’m bigger.

He said stop striving, I’m bigger.

He said lay off trying to burst your own chains, I’m bigger.

He said stop trying to figure it all out alone, I’m bigger.

From 2013 to 2014 I have grappled with giving God full control of my dreams and my affection. After this year I can say there is no part I am not steadily giving to Him.  He has my thoughts, my words, my actions, my dreams and most of all my desire for marriage. I need not seek out what he bears in His hand. I have not the strength to carry it.

Now in 2014 I realized the deepest aspect of God that I had ever experienced.

I went into Storm not sure of what I wanted to meet, understand or see of God. That had never happened before and so I knew nothing else to do, but pray for what my leaders were praying for. That prayer was for every student to meet God right where they are. I really focused in on the Students that were new and had never come to The Storm before. I prayed for new people to meet God for the first time, to truly see Him like I did in 2012, to dedicate their lives to Him. I got all that and more!

Unknown to me the spirit that God desired me to take from Storm 2014 was the spirit of His REACH.

That is my word to pair with compassion.

I am meant to “go unto all the world and preach the good news, to make disciples of all nations”.

This year I realized that the Storm is not about me, but about the people around me.

It’s about discipling my peers and those younger than me. It is about learning from and encouraging those older than me. It is about generation connections and generation building because when we are firm on the inside we can extend out and effect the world God loves.

Storm empowered me to remain in touch with the friends I made at Storm, to check in, pray with them and believe in them.

Storm empowered me to get into my writing with an even greater vengeance. We only have so long to be His witness.

Storm empowered me to become involved in The Forgotten Foundation and other community service opportunities.

Storm empowered me to take the focus off of my to do list and on to the people that matter.

Most of all Storm empowered me to stand up as a Light of Christ on my UNM campus.

God picked me up and made UNM my mission for the following four years.

He plucked me up and said, go heal the broken.

He emblazoned Joy, Compassion, Wisdom, and Grace upon my brow, calling everyone like moths to His flame.

He consumed me.

So going into orientation I prayed that he would use me somehow to change a life. I didn’t know what to expect, but it became so much bigger than I had anticipated.

All of the incoming freshmen from session 6 were gathered together for a lecture about the diversity of people on the UNM campus.

The speaker showed us a video about some people who created parties in which one would dress up in gardener clothes or janitorial wear with the names Pablo or Juan on their name tags. These parties were full of racial slurs and derogatory language specifically against the Latino community. There were other parties featured that had a bias against other racial minorities.

The speaker moved on to ask us questions concerning the substance of the video or any other such matters (the judgment against LGT community for example). One of the questions asked WHY do people behave in such a hurtful manner towards certain groups and I had the opportunity to speak up.

I brought up the issue that I believe everyone was thinking about.

Why do people of religion cause so many prejudices?

From African American Segregation to The Protests Against Same Sex Marriage Christians have propagated hundreds of discriminations against other races, choices and beliefs.

I said, “Honestly, one of the biggest reasons for bigotry is religious morals. The problem is that Christian people who behave in a mean way towards certain groups don’t understand the profundity of God’s passion for us. They don’t realize that God loves every single person the same. He takes each of us exactly as we are. Hence even though I don’t accord with everyone and I deliver my own morals, I find it infinitely sad that people are judged by Christians because God has adoration for the very person that they are judging.”

Obviously I didn’t phrase it that well, but that is it in a prettier nutshell.

I was so terrified that I would have a ton of people jump up and rebuke me for my beliefs in Jesus Christ, but everyone cheered! Even the speaker thanked me for being so “eloquent and truthful”.

I have been approached by multiple people since then who told me that they loved what I said! I even met one Christian woman who stated that she was so proud of me  and that meant the world.

It reads in Luke 1:17 that God will go before me and He proved it to me that day. I am already known as the young woman who spoke up at orientation and the girl who remains firm for what she believes in. I couldn’t ask for a better way to come into my freshman year. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to my impact.

I was able to show the love of Christ despite what those around me may have thought of Him before. I was able to counter the confusion many Christians may of caused concerning God’s character. The Freshmen came in with one opinion of His acceptance and were able – by God’s grace – to leave with another. I am sure within my spirit that God changed someone’s life because of my words and I am so blessed to know that.

Beyond that God guided my writing and it has taken off among my peers! I was given the opportunity to share about my novella, The Home of Our Hearts, in a smaller lecture and many people now know about my Facebook page, my blogs and my books. They are all so excited to read what I have to say.

I feel so honored to know that God loves me in that way. That he cares about my dreams enough to establish them in a new place like He did today.

I have become a great light, a REACH, a COMPASSION in the lives of the Lobos and it wasn’t because of me. It was because God is continuously good, faithful and marvelous.

He has turned my world upside down and I know He will do so every single day.

I have endless possibilities.

Endless grace.

Endless favor.

And endless reach – so do you!

It’s all because God is so so so good.

– Deanna ❤


Jayne. You brought back with you the sense and the change you received from God in Peru. It permeated throughout all of Storm 2014 and changed the lives of the young people who attended – myself included.

This year we saw what you saw in Peru in a hot, stuffy church full or sweaty, happy, heartbroken, confused, adored, amazed teenagers. We saw that God was good in His forgiveness and in His plans.

We saw too that life is more than His goodness for us because in the end, though for us, it was always meant to flow back out of us into a hurt and dying world.

Remember when I told you that I wanted my tattoo to be a picture of beauty in the midst of calamity and a reminder that there is a savior in the midst of my humanity? Well I got that idea at the previous Storm conference. It was a feeling. It was a tender whisper when the night got dark – just for me. Now. After this Storm – after your trip to Peru, after meeting Celine and Rebecca and many, many others it is so much more.

It’s a shout into what the world would call the void. It is an arrow that I release and shoot into the heart of another being. It is an awakening from a sleep that leaves me empowered enough for battle. It is pillar topped by a sign that says –


Every previous Storm I saw God in a way that changed me and touched me and healed me, but this year – though I was changed and touched and healed – this Storm wasn’t for me.

It was for all the other faces in the crowds.

It was for those who don’t come to YX every Tuesday, but need to.

It was for those who don’t come to BCA because they live too far away, but through their connection to me will never be left without the power of God that I receive there.

Most of all it was for those who have loved God, but wandered off. They are those people who declare with either rage, or pain, or simple disregard that they will never step foot in a church again. They say it’s not their thing or that they’ve found something better. And because of what God did in me at the Storm they will find themselves in church again. They will find themselves in love with The Lord again.

My calling.

If it is the last thing I do they will be strong in the Lord. Sure footed soldiers. Discipled. Truth bearers. They will cease to be weak or confused or dismayed because like you were in Peru I will be the hands and feet of their adoring, forgiving, empowering Father.

It is a beautiful, peaceful existence to live with your Father who leads you to battle full of Hope for the world. We live in his abundance, but that is not why Jesus came to earth. Jesus came so that at the end of the book of Matthew he could tell his disciples, “to spread the good news and make disciples of all nations and I will be with you always even unto the end of the age. Amen.”

We as disciples become the discipling.

We as the changed become the revolutionaries.

We as a generation become generation builders.

And that is my mini post for the day. I love you Jayne. God bless you.

– Deanna ❤


Image I wish I knew where to begin. I’m so good at writing from the sifting through of my brain, but to capture a journey into other people’s little world, to explain how I saw what they see daily? I suppose I can always remember myself as the guest, honored to have been accepted.

There were crazy things, and beautiful things. Like how Peruvians drove and their car horns that literally honked musical choruses instead of “beeps”. Like the big brown eyes that melted me time and again with each baby I met. Like the street food that was so colorful and smelled so good but that we were never allowed to eat. 

A rush comes from speaking someones language back to them. I hope they felt special. Cause they made me feel special.

A high happens when I hop on a bus so full of people that no part of…

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