Please Join Victoria and I in the 1930’s for a nice cup of tea and interesting conversation.

Dancing On The Keys


Victoria – or rather Vici as she prefers – has invited me into Rogers Diner for a friendly chat and a nice, hot cup of green tea. The building though not well-lit is immaculately clean and – with Victoria across from me and Mr. Rogers wiping the front counter – makes for a cheery and comfortable atmosphere. The sky is glowing a steadily dimmer copper as the sun sinks below the horizon. I smile across at my old friend, but we don’t speak. I sit deep in thought when suddenly the small golden-colored bell gives a kindly ring above the door. As YOU enter this 1930’s scene we invite you to the table to join us and ask any question you want:

 You: Hello, I don’t even know where to start!

Me: Why not the beginning? I mean I’ve always wondered about Vici’s childhood, what her mom was like, where she lived, what school…

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